‘Secret Celebrity Renovation’: Lauren Alaina on Giving Back to Her Cheerleading Coach

Country music star and former American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina is giving back to someone special from her life in the newest episode of CBS’s Secret Celebrity Renovation.

Together, she’s joining host Nischelle Turner, home improvement contractor Jason Cameron, and interior designer Sabrina Soto to help transform spaces within her former cheerleading coach’s house. Along with sharing why she wants to help out her mentor, Lauren Alaina’s revealing just how involved she is with the process of transforming the chosen spaces for the episode.

Below, the singer, who is releasing her next album Sitting Pretty on Top of the World on September 3 and debuting her forthcoming Hallmark film Roadhouse Romance on September 11, opens up about her experience with Secret Celebrity Renovation. And for an exclusive sneak peek at the reno action, check out the clip, above.

What initially drew you to Secret Celebrity Renovation?

Lauren Alaina: [CBS] came to me and told me about the show and what they were doing. I did not hesitate to pick Susan Bradley, who was my cheerleading coach. She has had such an impact on my life. To be able to shed some light on how I became who I am, and to show a person who had such a great deal of influence on that, it’s just a great idea. The show has so much heart, and I think the world needs heart right now. We need light in this world, and this show is nothing but light.

Secret Celebrity Renovation Lauren Alaina Susan Bradley

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What can you say about the spaces you’ll be renovating?

Susan’s master bathroom looks like we made it look bad on purpose so we could fix it. It has a bright blue tub… Oh, I can’t describe the bathroom, you have to watch it and see it for yourself. It’s awful. I was so happy to rip that little tub out of that bathroom. I could hardly contain myself. We renovated her master bath, which desperately needed it and we gave her a back patio space to hang out with her grandchildren and her family because she loves to be outside.

Are you a big fan of renovation projects?

Big time! I’m a huge fan. My first house was a remodel. I remodeled it as I was living in it. I basically flipped a home. I don’t recommend living in a home while you’re doing the construction, it is a nightmare. But yes, I’m very interested in that, and I like to redo furniture and do DIY [projects], so being on one of these shows was pretty exciting.

Secret Celebrity Renovation Lauren Alaina Nischelle Turner Sabrina Soto Jason Cameron

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You’ve participated in some intense competitions like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Is there more pressure involved in something like this?

I felt so much pressure because [Susan] lives there. It is a place that you go to get away from everything else, and I wanted her to love it. But I did feel like I knew her enough to make sure she would love it, and she does. It’s perfect!

Did you learn anything new from working on this project or were you surprising the crew with your skills?

I think I really surprised Jason [Cameron] with the sledgehammer in that bathroom. I don’t think he thought I was going to get my hands as dirty as I did. I think I shocked him.

Secret Celebrity Renovation CBS Lauren Alaina

(Credit: CBS)

What was the collaboration process like? Did Sabrina Soto have everything planned or were you able to throw in some ideas?

She did come up with the design, and she asked me a lot of questions along the way like, “Do you think Susan would like this?” “Do you think she would like that?” It was very collaborative, but she was definitely the brain behind it for sure. She has such an eye. She made it so, so beautiful.

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