‘Dr. Death’: Joshua Jackson & the Cast Dissect the Terrifying True Story (VIDEO)

Talk about appointment TV. Peacock’s just-dropped, eight-episode adaptation of the Wondery podcast Dr. Death is a must-see (and at times a bit must-look-away!) exploration into a real-life medical horror story. Joshua Jackson stars as Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a wunderkind in the Dallas medical scene who switches from research to neurosurgery with ultimately tragic results. It’s a revelatory turn by the actor, who is joined by an all-star cast for this tale that will have viewers seriously concerned about their own health advocates.

Tracking Duntsch from college to court case, Death reveals how a perfect storm of ego, healthcare-system loopholes, and human negligence made it possible for Duntsch to continue operating — despite the trail of botched spinal surgeries and dead or paralyzed patients left in his wake. It’s not until two physicians (Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater), an eager lawyer (AnnaSophia Robb), and a brave nurse (Hubert Point-Du Jour) step in to stop him that his crimes come to light, and even then, his defense attempts to turn Duntsch into the victim. It’s riveting, infuriating, and filled with fabulous performances across the board. It’s also grim as hell.

“It was dark times!” jokes Jackson, one of our all-time favorites from Fringe and The Affair, about playing such a monstrous character. “He is pretty terrible… it’s a dream role for an actor.”

We spoke with Jackson, along with Slater, Robb, Hubert-Du Jour, and showrunner Patrick Macmanus ahead of the series premiere and got some insight into how Duntsch was able to get away so much malpractice and how the real-life players inspired the cast.

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