‘Big Brother’ Fans React to Frenchie’s Nominations and CBS Editing Out Race Comment

Big Brother 23 Frenchie nominations

While Big Brother fans were happy to see CBS deliver on its promise to increase the diversity of its casting this season, they weren’t so pleased on Sunday, July 11, to see the network edit out a comment regarding race.

Viewers of the show’s 24-7 live feeds had reported that the current Head of Household, farmer Brandon “Frenchie” French, had stated that he wouldn’t nominate a woman or person of color for eviction this week. Historically, the majority of first evictees on Big Brother have been women or people of color, a trend that Frenchie had promised not to repeat.

Various clips of Frenchie promising the women that he wouldn’t put any of them on the block were aired during Sunday’s episode. However, his statement that he wouldn’t nominate a person of color did not make the edited episode, leaving viewers scratching their heads and suspicious of CBS’s motives.

“Why are race issues treated as censorable? Show the truth cbs. Frenchie promised to keep women AND POC safe,” wrote one Twitter user. Another added, “Ok but why are they hiding the “I’ll protect the poc from the block” comment.”

Instead, the episode focused on Frenchie’s many promises to the women of the house. “I love Frenchie. I’m tired of alpha males being able to force things through and getting their way to the end,” said Sales operations director Azah Awasum. “Keeping a woman safe this week and making sure that no woman is nominated is completely my vision for this game path forward. I’m so happy that Frenchie and me are on the same page.”

Meanwhile, Swimwear designer Alyssa Lopez said, “I know you shouldn’t trust anyone in the house, especially day one, but [Frenchie] seems like a very genuine person. My team literally just lost. To know I’m safe, that puts such a weight off of my shoulders.”

However, Frenchie would end up going back on his word after his target, Christian Birkenberger, won safety for the week. The Clarksville, Tennessee native wound up nominating a woman in Alyssa and a person of color in Account executive Kyland Young. It’s safe to say, viewers at home were not a fan of Frenchie’s decision.