Sensical: What You Need to Know About the Free, Kid-Geared Streaming Service

Sensical Streaming Service Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media

Common Sense Networks is launching a public preview of Sensical, a new free streaming service offering thousands of age-appropriate content for kids ranging from 2 to 10 years old.

An affiliate of Common Sense Media and a Public Benefit Corporation, Common Sense Networks works to set new standards when it comes to digital media for children. The service Sensical is inspired by the expertise of Common Sense Media, an ad-supported service that is trusted by parents to help filter the content kids consume through media.

Described as an algorithm-free destination, Sensical is a place where kids can “scroll, tap, and follow their passions” through more than 15,000 hand-picked videos ranging across more than 50 topics. Sensical will be available beginning Tuesday, June 29 via web access and mobile on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Previously announced this spring, Sensical will expand its reach by the summer’s end with availability on platforms like VIZIO.

Sensical targets three distinct audience ranges including preschoolers (ages 2-4), little kids (ages 5-7), and big kids (ages 8-10). Content features characters and creators that kids love with everything rated and organized by topics and passions through the “Why It’s Sensical” label. The live channel feature within the app can also be accessed by selecting the TV icon for three age-specific live channels.

Sensical streaming service

(Credit: Common Sense Media)

Videos are viewed, vetted, and rated by dozens of individuals trained in child development, assuring that kids receive the best programming possible. While the platform’s interface encourages kids to make their own selections, parents can check in on the app’s ParentZone, a dashboard tool for managing viewing and activity. Meanwhile, parents can track what their children are learning from their viewing sessions through the Learning Report.

“Sensical was founded on the belief that kids deserve better,” Eric Berger, CEO of Sensical’s parent company Common Sense Netowrks shared in a statement. “We built a service from the ground up, rooted in science, supported by experts in the field, and designed to reflect how kids stream today. Our lens is unique because, unlike many existing services, our offering is specifically for kids – mirroring our thesis that age-appropriateness matters and that kids learn best when they’re exploring their passions.”

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(Credit: Common Sense Media)

In order to keep the platform a free service, Sensical has aligned with several like-minded sponsors who will keep screen time safe for young viewers. Check it out for yourself, visit Sensical for a peek into the kid-friendly streaming platform.