Rose Byrne Gets ‘Physical’ and Business Savvy in Apple TV+ New Trailer (VIDEO)

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Apple TV+ has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming dramedy Physical.

The 10-episode series starring Rose Byrne is slated to premiere Friday, June 18 with three episodes, followed by one new episode each Friday. In the newly-released teaser, viewers get a closer look at Byrne’s Sheila Rubin, a 1980s housewife who is doing her best to keep it all together.

Let's Get 'Physical'! Rose Byrne Is an '80s Fitness Guru in Apple TV+ Trailer (VIDEO)See Also

Let's Get 'Physical'! Rose Byrne Is an '80s Fitness Guru in Apple TV+ Trailer (VIDEO)

Find out when the dark comedy will debut on the streaming platform.

The dark comedy follows the quietly tortured Sheila as she supports her husband’s bid for state assembly and tries her hardest to be a good mom, but sometimes the pressures of life need to be relieved. Battling her own demons relating to self-image, Sheila turns to aerobics as an outlet for her frustrations.

As she breaks the routine of her mundane life for intense classes, she soon turns to teaching classes herself and begins thinking outside the box by creating a business for herself. Merging her newfound passion with the videotape industry, Sheila’s looking at a gold mine waiting to happen.

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The series tracks her journey from an overlooked enabler to a confident and powerful female lifestyle guru. Joining Byrne for the fun are stars Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks, and Ashley Liao.

Check them out in the exciting trailer, below, and don’t miss Physical when it arrives on Apple TV+ this June.

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