Why ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Fans Will Love Spinoff ‘Wellington Paranormal’

Wellington Paranormal
Stan Alley/The CW

The blood-lusting world of What We Do in the Shadows — the 2014 vampire mockumentary flick that inspired FX’s hilarious series of the same name — is back for more fun.

The Kiwi comedy spinoff Wellington Paranormal, making its U.S. debut, follows two Wellington, New Zealand, cops (Mike Minogue and Karen O’Leary) who “tackle paranormal crime in New Zealand’s most haunted city,” explains writer-producer Paul Yates.

Wellington “can be enjoyed by anyone from around 12 to 1,200 years old,” Yates adds, while joking: “Some vampires get that old apparently, and they’re big fans of the show.”

Wellington Paranormal, Premieres Sunday, July 11, 9/8c, The CW