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Science fiction


A team searches for clues to save the Earth from imminent destruction.

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1997–2007 Series 10 Seasons231 Episodes

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Monday, February 26

It's Good to Be King

Season 8 • Episode 13

The team stumbles on what may be a time machine.

Monday, February 26

Full Alert

Season 8 • Episode 14

An old adversary resurfaces with information vital to the government's security.

Monday, February 26

Citizen Joe

Season 8 • Episode 15

A mysterious stone causes an ordinary man to have visions of SG-1 in action.

Monday, February 26


Season 8 • Episode 16

The SG-1 crew questions its allegiances when a battle for galactic supremacy begins.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 17

SG-1 searches for a weapon to stop the Replicators.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 18

The team deals with years of issues.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 19

SG-1's search for a power source may leave them stranded in ancient Egypt.

Tuesday, February 27


Season 8 • Episode 20

When SG-1 disrupts the space-time continuum, civilian Carter and Daniel must set things right.

Wednesday, February 28


Season 9 • Episode 1

A team sets out on a mission to uncover a stash of ancient riches.

Wednesday, February 28


Season 9 • Episode 2

Daniel Jackson and Vala visit a distant galaxy whose population worships a strange authority.

Wednesday, February 28


Season 9 • Episode 3

Daniel and Vala inadvertently expose Earth to a new threat.

Wednesday, February 28

The Ties That Bind

Season 9 • Episode 4

Daniel and Vala embark on a series of missions.

Thursday, February 29

The Powers That Be

Season 9 • Episode 5

Daniel and Vala try to undo the teachings of the Ori on a distant planet.

Thursday, February 29


Season 9 • Episode 6

Samantha Carter returns to SG-1 to join the team for a mission.

Thursday, February 29

Ex Deus Machina

Season 9 • Episode 7

The team intervenes when a conflict between Gerak and Ba'al puts the United States at risk.

Thursday, February 29


Season 9 • Episode 8

Lt. Col. Mitchell disappears while trying to make contact with a group of legendary Jaffa warriors.

Friday, March 1


Season 9 • Episode 9

The team discovers a man frozen in stasis in what they believe to be an ancient science lab.

Friday, March 1

The Fourth Horseman

Season 9 • Episode 10

Teal'c dissuades Gerak from joining a foe.

Friday, March 1

The Fourth Horseman

Season 9 • Episode 11

The team looks for an antidote for a plague.

Friday, March 1

Collateral Damage

Season 9 • Episode 12

A new technology allowing individuals to share memories victimizes Mitchell.

Monday, March 4

Ripple Effect

Season 9 • Episode 13

The sudden arrival of several cloned SG-1 teams baffles Stargate Command.

Monday, March 4


Season 9 • Episode 14

Daniel fears the worst when Teal'c disappears.

Monday, March 4


Season 9 • Episode 15

The team must destroy a deadly weapon that the Ori invented.

Monday, March 4

Off the Grid

Season 9 • Episode 16

The team plans an offensive when they learn that Ba'al is regaining power.

Tuesday, March 5

The Scourge

Season 9 • Episode 17

The team must destroy a crop of genetically engineered insects.

Tuesday, March 5

Arthur's Mantle

Season 9 • Episode 18

Mitchell, Carter and Daniel fall victim to a powerful ancient device.

Tuesday, March 5


Season 9 • Episode 19

Vala returns to Stargate Command with news about the Ori.

Tuesday, March 5


Season 9 • Episode 20

Mitchell and Daniel race to locate a device that will obliterate the Ori.

Wednesday, March 6

Flesh and Blood

Season 10 • Episode 1

The team struggles to reunite after an Ori defeat.

Wednesday, March 6


Season 10 • Episode 2

Team finds a planet whose inhabitants are dying of a mysterious illness.

Wednesday, March 6

The Pegasus Project

Season 10 • Episode 3

The team travels to Atlantis with a new plan to defend the galaxy from the Ori.

Wednesday, March 6


Season 10 • Episode 4

The team makes a pact with a former enemy to fight a common foe.

Thursday, March 7


Season 10 • Episode 5

SG-1 tries to control a rash of brutal attacks by an alien creature.

Thursday, March 7


Season 10 • Episode 6

SG-1 tries to help Martin Lloyd with his script.

Thursday, March 7


Season 10 • Episode 7

Adria leads an attack on a Jaffa planet.

Thursday, March 7

Memento Mori

Season 10 • Episode 8

Vala gets amnesia when Trust agents working for the Goa'uld Athena capture her.

Friday, March 8

Company of Thieves

Season 10 • Episode 9

Members of the Lucian Alliance attack the Odyssey.

Friday, March 8

The Quest

Season 10 • Episode 10

SG-1 begins a quest to find the Sangraal.

Friday, March 8

The Quest

Season 10 • Episode 11

SG-1 members work to help build the Sangraal before Adria and her Ori army can track them down.

Friday, March 8

Line in the Sand

Season 10 • Episode 12

Mitchell and Carter must protect a village from occupation by Ori soldiers.

Monday, March 11

The Road Not Taken

Season 10 • Episode 13

An experiment gone awry leaves Carter trapped in a parallel reality under martial law.

Monday, March 11

The Shroud

Season 10 • Episode 14

Daniel Jackson asks SG-1 to help him.

Monday, March 11


Season 10 • Episode 15

SG-1 undermines Netan and the Lucian Alliance.

Monday, March 11

Bad Guys

Season 10 • Episode 16

SG-1 team members must play the role of hostage-takers.

Tuesday, March 12


Season 10 • Episode 17

When a sinister leader threatens the Jaffa nation, Teal'c must go rogue in order to stop him.

Tuesday, March 12

Family Ties

Season 10 • Episode 18

Vala's father attempts to trade intelligence to Stargate Command for sanctuary on Earth.

Tuesday, March 12


Season 10 • Episode 19

The SG-1 team creates an elaborate plan to use Vala as bait to capture Adria.

Tuesday, March 12


Season 10 • Episode 20

The Asgard decide to hand over all of their knowledge and technology.

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