Jeff Lewis

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Personality • Producer

Birth Date: March 24, 1970

Age: 54 years old

Birth Place: Orange County, California

Insufferable to some while entertaining to others, real estate mogul Jeff Lewis displayed his nitpicky and narcissistic personality for the whole world to see on the Bravo reality series, "Flipping Out" (2007- ). Lewis made his mark in real estate by "flipping" houses, which entailed purchasing high-end properties and renovating them to sell for profit. The show featured Lewis' successful business ventures, but it was his obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and personal life that entranced millions of viewers. Cameras followed the brutally honest and demanding Lewis as he butted heads with clients, berated his staff, and dealt with his own demons. Yet with all the show's glossy drama and Lewis' rollercoaster life, no one could deny the impressive design aesthetic and workmanship of a man passionate about his craft.

Jeff Lewis was born on March 24, 1970 in Orange County, CA. His family moved around Orange County several times, as his father, real estate investor Tom Lewis, bought and sold houses and commercial property. He graduated in 1988 from Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA, before purchasing a condominium in hopes of renovating it and selling for profit. Lewis instead lost $3,500 on the investment. He graduated from Chapman University in 1993 and bought a property in Santa Ana. After Lewis renovated the home, he sold it and made a $35,000 profit. The future reality star began his professional career working for a real estate agent. Lewis quickly rose to the top of his profession, and by 1999, had moved on to working as a real estate speculator. Lewis' ability to "flip" properties that he purchased for thousands and ended up selling for millions, as well as his eccentric personality, brought him to Hollywood, where he further established his career. Lewis worked his magic in some of L.A.'s most elegant residential neighborhoods, but soon after, the man who made a living renovating homes became a household name.

Lewis starred on the reality series "Flipping Out," which premiered on the Bravo network in 2007. The show focused on Lewis' business of buying, remodeling, and then selling luxurious homes, but the cameras also followed his day-to-day drama. The openly gay Lewis spoke about his obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and how it affected both his personal and professional relationships. He never shied away from his OCD on camera, which often ended up in unprofessional meltdowns, narcissistic behavior, and shouting matches with his staff. "Flipping Out" also featured Lewis' entourage, including executive assistant and friend Jenni Pulos and live-in housekeeper Zoila Chavez. Lewis' handful of pets - at one point he had three dogs and two cats - also made frequent appearances and were treated with much extravagance, including therapy, acupuncture, and visits to a pet psychic. Despite the country's economic downturn and the real estate crash of 2009, "Flipping Out" managed to garner solid ratings and helped to expand Lewis' business empire. In 2008, he launched the luxury retail brand Jeff Lewis Design, followed by a home furnishings line for QVC in 2010.

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