6 Characters to Keep an Eye on in 'Yellowstone' Season 3

Meredith Jacobs
Yellowstone Season 3 Characters to Watch
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 2 of Yellowstone, "Freight Trains and Monsters."]

We're only two episodes into Yellowstone Season 3, and already several characters are set up to play major roles in the rest of them.

Because of the events of Season 2, patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) had to resign as Livestock Commissioner. Fortunately, he was able to choose his replacement. Unfortunately, it was the son he didn't want—Jamie (Wes Bentley)—who is taking over and is already in the middle of quite the mess.

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John is 'desperate to protect' what's his, like the ranch, the star says.

Meanwhile, hedge fund manager Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) has come to the area with big plans, setting him on a collision course with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). Plus, there are some changes coming to the ranch.

Scroll down to see which characters we're keeping an eye on this season.

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