7 TV Shows We'd Hate to See Rebooted or Revived, Nostalgia Notwithstanding

Dan Clarendon

Reboots and revivals have taken the American TV dial for quite a spin in recent years. Roseanne is getting huge ratings on ABC, Will & Grace has NBC laughing all the way to the bank, The X-Files has Fox viewers spooked all over again, and Netflix is riding high on its Full House and Gilmore Girls revivals… and that’s just a cross-section of the “everything old is new again” trend.

But amid this “reboot fever,” which TV shows of yesteryear should be held sacred? Which series’ legacies should stand untouched?

Click through the gallery above for our picks for the television titles that should be viewed as un-revivable and un-reboot-able.

TV Trend Alert: Revivals and RebootsSee Also

TV Trend Alert: Revivals and Reboots

What's old continues to be new.