9 Fan-Favorite TV Shows Not Streaming Anywhere (PHOTOS)

Dan Clarendon

With countless streaming platforms available to TV viewers and even more on the way, there’s nothing you can’t watch over the web, right? Well, not quite. Many beloved shows are nowhere to be found Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and all the rest.

As Vulture reports, the streaming platforms are much more likely to spend money on original programming than on licensing fees for preexisting titles.

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Plus, older TV shows often feature music that was only licensed for broadcast and maybe physical home video—and sorting out music rights for streaming can be a time-intensive and costly process. Chicago Hope, the site notes, didn’t boast a memorable soundtrack, but Mandy Patinkin’s character “had a habit of busting out into show tunes,” and Broadway songs “are particularly expensive to use.” As a result of these licensing headaches, some older TV shows have made it to streaming platforms with different music that fans find jarring.

While the streaming wars heat up, all we can do is hope that the fan-favorite TV shows in the gallery above — Castle, Alias, Moonlighting, and more — will find a new home. Flip through the slides to see those digital castaways.