10 TV Shows About Which Critics & Audiences Disagree the Most (PHOTOS)

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Netflix; Hulu; Brownie Harris/CBS via Getty Images

Hemlock Grove (29 point difference)

Audiences appreciated this Netflix horror tale more than critics, with a score of 70 versus 41.


Transparent (25 point difference)

For this trans-inclusive Amazon family drama, critics liked it way more than viewers, with a score of 87.5 versus 62.5.

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Marvel’s Iron Fist (22 point difference)

If viewers were mixed about this Netflix superhero drama (giving a score of 60), critics were turned off (giving a score of 38).

Suzanne Tenner/FX

Better Things (20 point difference)

Despite the gap, this FX family dramedy from the mind of Pamela Adlon was a hit with both critics (90) and viewers (70).

Mark Schafer/HBO

Girls (19 point difference)

This HBO comedy, meanwhile, didn’t fare as well — scoring 79 with critics and 60 with viewers.

Sophie Giraud/Hulu

The Handmaid’s Tale (19 point difference)

Hulu’s dystopian Margaret Atwood adaptation is right up there with Better Things, with an 89 from critics and a 70 from audiences.

Under The Dome
Brownie Harris/CBS via Getty Images

Under the Dome (17 point difference)

CBS’ Stephen King adaptation, on the other hand, has the worst audience score on the list, with a paltry 45. And critics only gave it a 62.


Master of None (16 point difference)

Aside from Atlanta, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy has the highest critical score on the list, with a 91. Viewers gave it a 75.

Paul Schiraldi/HBO

The Deuce (15.5 point difference)

This HBO drama about the 1970’s NYC porn industry got a happy ending: Critics scored it at 85.5, and audiences scored it at 70.


Making a Murderer (14.5 point difference)

Netflix’s true-crime documentary series was another hit, with a 90 from audiences and a 75.5 from critics.

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TV shows that are acclaimed are not always popular, and vice versa, but which shows have divided critics and audiences the most?

To find out, myLotto24 analyzed the most popular shows that have aired since 2015 and compared those shows’ critic and audience scores on Metacritic.

Check out the 10 most divisive shows in the gallery above, from Marvel’s Iron Fist to Under the Dome, and then head over to the website to check out breakdowns by season and genre.