Where Are 8 True-Crime TV Show Subjects Now? (PHOTOS)

Dan Clarendon

True crime has become a blockbuster genre on television, both in scripted and unscripted fare.

TV dramas like Escape at Dannemora and The Act not only captivate millions of viewers but also earn rave reviews and glitzy awards. And on the documentary side, series like The Staircase and The Jinx revisit years-old cases with new insights.

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8 Must-See Series Inspired by True Stories (PHOTOS)

From historical dramas to true crime favorites.

But viewers’ curiosity about these cases doesn’t just end when the shows do, so we’re checking in with eight true-crime TV show subjects — victims, convicted criminals, and former suspects alike — starting with one who just walked out of prison on parole. Read the updates in the gallery above.