8 Things You Might’ve Missed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9B Trailer (PHOTOS)

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She’s here! The clip gave us a good glimpse at the teenager who’ll presumably become one half of The Walking Dead’s newest star-crossed couple. In the comics, Lydia’s taken prisoner by Michonne and ends up at Hilltop. She and Carl bond while they’re in jail cells and eventually fall for each other, despite the unfortunate complication that she’s the kid of the Whisperers’ leader. Obviously, this storyline can’t go to Carl, so it looks like Henry will evolve into the role of Romeo.

Daryl and Lydia

New Friends?

While it’s a little too dark to tell for sure, that certainly looks like Lydia in the background of this shot. If indeed it is, the dialogue here makes a ton of sense. While Henry’s more than at home in civilization, Daryl’s spent the last six years living in a tent in the woods; So Lydia telling him “You’re more like us than them. You don’t belong with these people,” is extremely fitting. The question is, will Daryl listen to her?

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 5.27.15 PM

Flashbacks Are Coming

As several eagle-eyed fans have noticed, unless Michonne decides to go back to her original hairstyle sometime in 9B, this look signifies a slide back in time. Most fans would likely happily embrace a look back after all the brisk reunions between the original TWD characters and shadowy implications that something really bad happened between Hilltop and Alexandria. Thankfully, it looks like the next eight episodes will shine some light on what happened to set the bad blood between former friends.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 5.16.13 PM

Alpha, Is That You?

The trailer doesn’t offer a distinctive shot of the Whisperers’ leader in the way it does her second-in-command and daughter, but the bald head seems unmistakable enough. Given the way this person is flanked by several Whisperers in full gear, it seems safe to assume this is Alpha — and she’s probably headed to Hilltop to retrieve her daughter.

Tara Magna Yumiko

Keep? Earned.

Magna and her group earned a frosty reception at Hilltop at first, but it seems they’ll work their way up the group ladder rather quickly. This shot sees Magna, Yumiko and Kelly joining forces with (presumably) the new leader of the community, Tara. Safe to say the outsiders have earned their keep.


Heeeeere’s Beta!

He’ll be haunting your nightmares for the next two and a half months. Beta (played by Sons of Anarchy alum Ryan Hurst) serves as Alpha’s loyal second-in-command, so he holds a decent amount of power in the Whisperers’ hierarchy.

Daryl vs Beta


While it’s Jesus who has a significant showdown with Beta in the comics, it seems a similar fight will now be going to Daryl. Given the similar scenery between this scene and the first glimpse at Beta, it appears both of these snippets have been taken from the same scene. This brawl looks to be brutal, and it’s safe to say Daryl might not be coming out of this one unscathed.


*Ominous Whistling*

“Home, sweet home.” Negan is free! It seems he’ll be going back to the now-defunct Sanctuary after breaking out of Alexandria. The question is, will he be reunited with his one true love, Lucille? He’s not holding her in this shot, but it’s likely we haven’t seen the last of that pairing.

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Our favorite group of walker-battling badasses look to be in some serious trouble when The Walking Dead returns on February 10.

After being introduced to the Whisperers in truly heartbreaking fashion (RIP Jesus), it seems conflicts both inter-group and external will be heightened in Season 9’s second half — and the brief snippet released after the midseason finale featured moments for both TV and comic fans to eagerly anticipate.

Here are eight things you might have missed in that action-packed, creepy trailer.

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