Flashback Fever: Who Else Might Return to 'The Walking Dead' Season 9?

Emily Hannemann

It’s been six seasons since he admitted it to Michonne at the end of “Clear,” but it appears Rick Grimes still “sees things.”

The news that Rick’s old pal and former deputy Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) will return to haunt him in flashbacks during his final season on The Walking Dead poses an intriguing question. Could any other ghosts from the former sheriff’s past materialize in the six episodes before he makes his exit?

Shane is in no way the only important person in Rick’s life to meet a tragic end, though he’s probably the one with whom he had the most complicated relationship. After all, Shane did sleep with his wife and practically adopt Carl, which definitely strained their friendship.

Throughout the seasons Rick has lost mentors, friends and even his wife and son — and showing some of his treasured memories with them would be a good way to send off the beloved badass.  Click through the gallery above for some of our ideas on who might rise from the dead to talk with Rick in Season 9.

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