10 ‘Walking Dead’ Characters Who Might Be in Trouble in Season 9B

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Rosita Espinosa

Rosita’s comic death is approaching, and while TWD doesn’t always follow its source material, it’s been following Rosita’s storyline pretty closely. Her love triangle with Father Gabriel and Eugene is extremely similar to the Eugene and Siddiq storyline from the comics, though it’ll remain to be seen whether or not she’s pregnant. If so… that could signal bad news for Rosita.

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King Ezekiel

Of the major characters who were piked in the source material, Ezekiel’s death seems least certain. Though his insistence on holding the fair — which was where pike victims were lured away by the Whisperers — seems foreboding, he very well might make it based on the fact that all of the other leaders from the war with Negan have changed since the start of Season 9 (Michonne now leads Alexandria, Tara presumably leads Hilltop). If TWD wants to keep some consistency, they might change Zeke’s comic fate and keep him around a little longer.

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While Enid isn’t from the comics, she is a doctor — and that might be enough to get her killed. In the comics, Dr. Carson survived long enough to earn a place on one of the pikes; on the show, that spot might go to Enid.

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He, like Enid, is affected by the “doctor curse.” If TWD wants to pike a doctor, their only two options are Enid and Siddiq… and it seems likely one of them won’t make it out of Season 9. Of the pair, Siddiq might be safest because of his connection to Carl and if he dies, what was the point of losing the late one-eyed wonder?

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Eugene/Father Gabriel

Although Eugene’s no longer forcing Gabriel to make bullets, they’ve found a new reason to dislike each other: their shared affection for Rosita. It’s possible Father Gabriel or Eugene could end up with their head on a pike if Rosita does, too. It’s more likely that spot might go to Father Gabriel, since Eugene’s been around longer and has a more interesting backstory and character progression — but if the show wants to give Gabe his comic death, they might put Eugene on a pike.

Gene Page/AMC


The musician’s days might be numbered if the show chooses to follow the comics. Though this spot could easily go to any other member of Magna’s group, in the source material, Luke was the one whose head wound up on a pike. However, Dan Fogler’s name recognition could save him, and that death could easily go to Kelly, Connie or even Yumiko.

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Henry’s “friends”

In the comics, there’s a pike featuring the head of a teenager from one of the communities. The only teens we’ve really seen are from Hilltop, and Henry. If Henry doesn’t end up on a pike (we hope he doesn’t), then it seems likely one of his rowdy companions might have been introduced earlier in the season just for recognition when they show up on a pike.

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In the comics, a notable female (former) Savior winds up with her head on a pike. In the show, that role could certainly go to Laura, since she’s the only female Savior convert who has had any number of lines or screentime enough for fans to recognize her.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Tammy Rose

Tammy Rose, Ken’s mom, was on the pikes in the comics and could very well end up on a pike in the show. She hasn’t had a huge role, but she might just have had enough screentime for her death to make an impact.

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[Warning: The following contains potentially MAJOR spoilers for the upcoming Season 9B of The Walking Dead, taken from the comic books.]

A huge event is coming up on The Walking Dead… and as with most huge events on this show, it’s a given that everyone won’t make it out alive.

While the Whisperers’ introduction is cosmic in and of itself, there’s a gathering approaching — and according to the comics on which the show is based, it could be deadly.

Here are some of the characters we think are in grave danger in 9B.

The Walking Dead, Season 9 Returns, Sunday, February 10, 9/8c, AMC