15 Actors You Forgot Appeared on ‘The Sopranos’ (PHOTOS)

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Lady Gaga

A star is born, indeed! Long before she was a pop star and Oscar contender, Stefani Germanotta had an uncredited role in a Season 3 episode as a teen who gets A.J. Soprano (Robert Iler) in trouble at the school pool.


Michael B. Jordan

The Wire wasn’t Jordan’s first HBO gig: The Creed star played one of Tony’s (James Gandolfini) childhood bullies in a Season 1 episode of The Sopranos.

The Sopranos - Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Back when Hamilton was just a glimmer in Miranda’s eye — and long before the return of Mary Poppins — this actor and composer played a hotel bellman in the show’s sixth season.


Julianna Margulies

Post-ER and pre-The Good Wife, Margulies recurred in The Sopranos’ sixth season as Julianna Skiff, a real estate agent and recovering addict who becomes Christopher Moltisanti’s (Michael Imperioli) mistress and nearly becomes Tony’s mistress, too.

The Sopranos

Tim Daly

Even as Grey’s Anatomy was spinning off Private Practice — with Daly starring as Dr. Pete Wilder — the Wings alum appeared in The Sopranos as J.T. Dolan, a screenwriter and an associate of Christopher’s.

Paul Dano - Sopranos

Paul Dano

Now a critical darling known for his roles in 12 Years a Slave and Swiss Army Man, Dano played A.J.’s friend Patrick Whalen across Seasons 4 and 5.


Guillermo Diaz & Katie Lowes

Diaz, best known as Huck on Scandal, rocked a truly unfortunate goatee in his role as a pesticide salesperson in Season 1 — while his co-star Katie Lowes, who starred as Quinn on the ABC drama, played a date of A.J.’s in Season 6.


Chandra Wilson

Speaking of Shondaland stars, this Grey’s fan favorite guest-starred in Season 5 as a woman who argues with Janice at an anger management class.


Will Arnett & Tony Hale

These two fellas are best known for Arrested Development, but they also both appeared in The Sopranos: Arnett as the husband of an undercover FBI agent and Hale as Uncle Junior’s chemotherapy nurse.


Frankie Valli

You can see this singer playing mobster Rusty Millio in The Sopranos’ fifth and sixth season — and you can hear him and the rest of The Four Seasons on the soundtrack throughout the show!


Cara Buono

This Stranger Things star — whom you might also recognize from her role on Mad Men — played Kelli Lombardo, Christopher Moltisanti’s wife, in The Sopranos’ sixth season.


Cristin Milioti

Playing the mother of How I Met Your Mother was this actress’s breakout role, but she had a bit part in The Sopranos’ sixth season as one of Johnny Sack’s daughters.


Perez Hilton

This infamous blogger had a cameo in Season 3, playing an organizer of a Jewel benefit concert who is robbed at gunpoint by Benny Fazio (Max Casella) and Christopher.

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You know James G. and Steven and Tony and Edie / Dominic and Lorraine and Drea and Jamie / But do you recall / The most famous Sopranos actors of all?

As The Sopranos hits its 20th anniversary — which, for the record, lands on January 10 — we’re rounding up the Hollywood stars and superstars whose roles on the HBO drama you might have overlooked.

Check them out in the gallery above, which starts with a certain Mother Monster…

To honor the landmark anniversary, HBO is providing free access to the show’s pilot episode. Also, their “The Sopranos: Fan-Favorite Episodes” collection is available through HBO Now and HBO Go.

Included in the collection of fan-favorites are “College” (S1 Ep5), “Funhouse” (S2 Ep13), “Employee of the Month” (S3 Ep4), “Pine Barrens” (S3 Ep11), “Whoever Did This” (S4 Ep9), “The Strong, Silent Type” (S4 Ep10), “Whitecaps” (S4 Ep13), “Long Term Parking” (S5 Ep12), “Kennedy and Heidi” (S6 Ep18), and “Made in America” (S6 Ep21).

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