Inside the Biggest Moments of ‘The Order’ Season 2 & What Could Be Next

The Knights Season 2 Explained What's Next
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2 of The Order.]

When two secret societies at a college deal with the paranormal, like magic (the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose) and werewolves (the Knights of Saint Christopher), there’s bound to be some wild moments. Season 2 of The Order did not disappoint in terms of abnormal craziness.

Over the course of 10 episodes, the Knights joined the Order, Jack Morton (Jake Manley) was turned into a tree (by a rival magic society), Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) came around to the enemy’s belief that spells should come without sacrifice (the practitioner’s blood) and took the magic of the Order’s leader Vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle), and Order member Gabrielle Dupres (Louriza Tronco) took on Midnight’s hide and joined the Knights.

In the finale, Randall Carpio (Adam DiMarco) killed the Order’s Councilor Kepler (Françoise Yip) for a spell to bring fellow Knight Lilith Bathory (Devery Jacobs) back from a demon realm. (She was trapped there earlier in the season when the two societies stopped a demon that fed on fear.) When Lilith returned, she revealed she didn’t want to come back, calling the realm her “home.” And—shocker—Randall wasn’t the only one to commit murder: Gabrielle killed Alyssa, and the season ended with Jack carrying both his ex-girlfriend’s body and a spellbook into the forest.

In other words, there’s quite a bit to cover in a potential Season 3. Now, it’s just a matter of getting the good news. “All fingers crossed that we get the viewers, that Netflix can make that decision quickly and easily like they did last year,” creator Dennis Heaton told TV Insider. (That first renewal came three weeks after Season 1 was released.)

Below, Heaton and Manley break down some of the season’s biggest moments and look ahead.

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Sarah Grey The Order Season 2 Alyssa Drake Dead
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Is Alyssa really dead?

“It’s a show about magic. How dead is anybody?” Heaton says with a laugh, pointing out the question is really, “How are they coming back? What can you do with that character because they’re coming back from the dead?” Possibilities on the table include: “Alyssa comes back possessed by another spirit, evil, [and] a completely blank state,” Heaton says. “Maybe it’s Alyssa’s turn to have no memory of who she is.”

Alyssa’s journey this season was also important for the writers. “We’ve always wanted to make sure she has her own path,” Heaton says. “We don’t ever want this to just be a show about Jack and his girlfriend. We want it to be about two people who want to be together and try to be together, but their own interests outside of their relationship pull them apart.”

The Order Season 2 Finale Jack Alyssa Dead Magic

What will Jack do to bring Alyssa back?

That moment—and its consequences—is exactly what Manley is looking forward to exploring next. “[Jack’s] going to do everything he can in his power to bring her back, but it might not be the way he wants,” Manley says.

Heaton also pointed out that while Jack, “struggles to maintain a moral path,” after everything he’s been through, he is the character “that could justify it in their own mind the opportunity to go dark,” the creator admits. (After all, Jack lost the last members of his family, his grandfather and his father, all in Season 1.)

“It’s always important that he considers [going dark], which he absolutely does, but in the end, he always makes the right decision,” Heaton continues. “That’s what I love about that ending image of Season 2. Carrying the corpse of your dead ex-girlfriend into the forest with an extremely powerful book of magic—it’s one of those things where you know it’s not going to end well.”

Katharine Isabelle The Order Season 2 Vera Stone Magic Stolen
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Will Vera get her magic back?

While Season 1 ended with Vera in a position of power over the Knights—she had their memories erased using the Order’s powder—she now has one, Hamish Duke (Thomas Elms), as an “ally” going forward while she copes with being magic-less. Only Alyssa, as the one who took Vera’s magic in the first place, could have returned it to her, which, as viewers know, she didn’t do before she died.

“Knowing that character and knowing how much fun it is to work with Katharine Isabelle, Vera’s going to do whatever it takes to get that magic back,” Heaton teases.

The Order Season 2 Finale Nicole Randall Sacrifice Kepler

Randall killed to bring back Lilith

While we’ve seen him do it before—when he’d been abducted by a part of The Order performing science magic experiments in Season 1—this time, the murder was different. “It’s a dark spot for Randall,” Heaton says. “This time around, it was definitely a choice he didn’t want to make, but had to to stay true to his word, which was, the Knights look out for each other.”

And the guilt may become overwhelming. “He’s going to be struggling with the fallout of that action probably for a while as well as what that means to him about what he does in this world,” Heaton notes.

The Order Season 2 Finale Lilith Returns Demon Realm

Lilith didn't want to be brought back

While it was “never a question” of whether or not she’d be brought back, the “when” of it was up in the air, according to the creator. “Would [Lilith] be able to return in the finale, or was that going to be a cliffhanger?” he says, was the main question in the writer’s room.

“What I love about the demon realm is that there’s obviously a lot of human prejudice to what that realm is and Lilith, having journeyed there and come back with the attitude of ‘that is where I want to be’ is really exciting for me to explore,” he teases.

Heaton also confirmed that time passes the same way there as it does on Earth. “It’s not like Narnia,” he notes. “If it was 60 days on Earth, it was 60 days down there.” Good to know!

The Order Season 2 Gabrielle Midnight Hide

Gabrielle took on Midnight's hide

As we’ve seen throughout the series, Gabrielle wants to belong somewhere, but she hasn’t exactly been welcomed warmly into the Knights—especially since Midnight is the reckless one.

“Gabby is such a fun character to write for that it was a no-brainer to me that if we were going to create a fifth werewolf, it was going to be [her],” Heaton says. “Her journey was really about bringing that character deeper into the world.”

“I love the stories of the selfish member of a group becoming a greater member of the team,” he says. “It’s a bit of a Cordelia story from Buffy, which is always fun.”

Manley adds: “It’s been great for her character to question her intentions too, and she just wants to belong.” Don’t forget, Manley’s hide, Silverback, had quite the conflict with Gabrielle’s. “With the Order, she never really was getting what she wanted. She’s just looking for the power,” the actor says. And just because they’re both werewolves, nothing’s changed for Jack. He never trusted her and still doesn’t.

The Order Season 2 Knights
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"Everything's on the table" for a third season, according to Heaton

“Will we come in the same way we did this season, very close after the events of the end of the first season? That’s entirely possible,” Heaton teases. “Or, we might do a time jump and come into an entirely different kind of world.”

The creator is also hopeful about bringing back any and all characters he can, when it makes sense to do so. “I love every character in this show,” he says. “It was why Professor Clarke [who Jack killed in Season 1] makes an appearance again. We just love working with Sam [Trammell]. It’s why we do that. We can bring those characters back, either for a small amount of time or a longer amount of time, if we can come up with a story that serves it.”