Jason Mendoza's 9 Funniest Moments on 'The Good Place' (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

To watch The Good Place is to fall in love with with Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto), the "pre-successful" amateur DJ from Jacksonville, just a little.

Whether or not you'd consider him your favorite character, you've gotta admit Jason's one-liners often produce the show's most side-splitting moments. He has an absolutely bonkers past (which he loves referencing), bumbling cluelessness, relentless cheerfulness, and total immunity to the direness of the show's stakes. When those traits are all mixed together, they form some pretty miraculous jokes and running gags.

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The September 26 premiere marks the beginning of the end for this beloved comedy.

It would be impossible to compile a gallery documenting all of Jason's hilarity — it'd be hundreds of slides long! But we think these nine moments show him at his dopest, freshest, coolest, and most smart-brained.

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