2 ‘Good Doctor’ Characters Exit: Where’s Everyone Going into Season 4? (PHOTOS)

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The Good Doctor Where We Left Off Season 3 Finale
ABC/Bob D’Amico; ABC/Art Streiber (2)
The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Shaun Lea Get Together Kiss

Dr. Shaun Murphy & Lea Dilallo

Shaun may have gone into the wreckage of the brewpub to find Lea, but instead, he found someone else trapped. He’d promised that woman he’d move on — both hadn’t had the best luck with love lately — but since she survived, he decided it didn’t count after Lea gave him an “I’m such a stupid idiot for not seeing it, but I love you with all my heart kiss.” They’re heading into Season 4 together.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Melendez Dies
ABC/Darko Sikman

Dr. Neil Melendez

Sadly, Melendez won’t be part of the fourth season at all. He was injured during the earthquake and stuck around at the brewpub to tend to a patient. Though Lim and Claire got him into surgery as soon as they could, there was nothing they could do. He died after sharing significant farewells with Lim, Claire, and Glassman.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Claire Melendez Love
ABC/Darko Sikman

Dr. Claire Browne

Just before the earthquake hit, Claire realized she was in love with Melendez; the two had been growing closer all season, especially as he helped her after her mother’s death. And while she was able to tell him how she felt, it was only as he was dying; he returned the sentiment, but it was bittersweet because now she’ll have to move on.

Christina Chang as Dr. Audrey Lim in The Good Doctor - Season 3 - Goodbye Melendez - 'Influence'
ABC/Sergei Bachlakov

Dr. Audrey Lim

Lim, too, lost Melendez and the possibility of what could’ve been. (“I could’ve spent a lifetime drinking whiskey with you,” he said.) As she and Claire mourned at the end of the finale, she suggested they get a drink sometime. Will this bring them closer together and could they help each other deal with their loss?

Richard Schiff in The Good Doctor - Season 3 Finale Glassman Melendez Goodbye
ABC/Jack Rowand

Dr. Aaron Glassman

Like everyone else, he lost Melendez and was one of the ones to share a final conversation with him. And despite also getting injured in the earthquake, he helped out at the hospital in the OR. Will that inform what we see from him in Season 4?

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale - Morgan Hands Surgery - Fiona Gubelmann
ABC/Darko Sikman

Dr. Morgan Reznick

Morgan elected for a synovectomy, which removed the joint linings in her fingers, to give herself more years as a surgeon. However, when the earthquake hit and she couldn’t remain hands-off and simply instruct the nurses, she jumped in to save a patient’s life. Operating as she did may have cost her her career as a surgeon, Andrews warned her. It is possible that it hasn’t; we could very likely see her struggling with her career moving forward and perhaps a limited time left as a surgeon.

Hill Harper - The Good Doctor Season 3 Andrews
ABC/Sergei Bachlakov

Dr. Marcus Andrews

Andrews spent most of the final two episodes in the OR, but he was the one to deliver the bad news to Morgan regarding her future as a surgeon after she elected to operate. Though he initially saw her hiding her diagnosis as her lack of respect for her superiors and patients, her actions changed his mind. “What you did today for your patient was remarkable,” he told her. “You made it clear that saving lives is your first priority.” Might he play a role in what comes next for her with her career next season?

Will Yun Lee as Dr. Alex Park The Good Doctor - Season 3 Park Family Leaving
ABC/Jack Rowand

Dr. Alex Park

Park spent most of these two episodes sitting with a young man who’d suffered fatal injuries at the brewpub when the earthquake hit. His patient had a rough relationship with his father, and the family issues hit home for the doctor. After, he called Mia and Kellan. “I have to be closer to you guys. I’m going to move back,” he said. Will he? Or will he reconsider a decision he made after such a rough day?

Jasika Nicole as Dr. Carly Lever in The Good Doctor - Season 3
ABC/Art Streiber

Dr. Carly Lever

The pathologist’s relationship with Shaun didn’t work out because she knew he and Lea had feelings for each other. She hasn’t been seen since Episode 16, and while she may be back in the future, Jasika Nicole is no longer a series regular, TVLine reported.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 3 finale of The Good Doctor, “I Love You.”]

One of The Good Doctor‘s own didn’t survive the earthquake that hit San Jose in the final two episodes of Season 3. But that’s not the only cast change fans should expect when they tune in for the upcoming fourth season.

Prior to the finale, executive producer Erin Gunn had teased that Shaun would “very much be in a different place at the top of Season 4.” Highmore added that the earthquake and the events surrounding it would “change the show itself and the direction it goes in.” And now that the episode has aired, we’ve seen just how true those statements are.

Multiple characters said “I love you”; only for two did that have a happy ending. One character died. And for a couple, the road ahead may have changed as a result of what happened in these two episodes. Click through the gallery above to find out where each character is going into the fourth season.

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