Who Could Take The ‘Last Test’ on ‘The 100’? We Offer 7 Theories

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Season 7 of The CW’s sci-fi hit The 100 has been all about war: The Last War, specifically. The cultish Disciples are trying to use the anomaly stones to start the war and win it “for all mankind,” claiming that if they succeed, they’ll “transcend” (whatever that means) and have peace forever. But if Jordan Green (Shannon Kook) is to be believed, they’re working with incorrect info and the Last War isn’t a war at all: it’s a test.

Assuming Jordan’s right, someone’s going to be judged to determine whether the human race deserves survival, and there are a few candidates who seem pretty likely. If anyone takes the test—and there’s plenty of stuff going on that needs to be dealt with first!— we think it’ll be one of these seven characters.

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As one of the series’ main characters, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) would be the obvious choice for the Last Test. Assuming the test occurs in the final episode, it could also be a great way to re-live some of the series’ most emotional moments—what if she has to revisit some of her darkest choices?—and give her the narrative importance she’s been missing this season.

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After the most recent episode, in which it became clear that Bellamy (Bob Morley)’s turn to the cultish Disciples’ side wasn’t just a simulation or brainwashing, he seems less likely. But nonetheless, it merits mention; as a Disciple, Bellamy could take the test. Assuming he then relives his darkest moments, the test would re-center him in the story and maybe even convert him back to the kindhearted hero fans love.

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Bellamy and Clarke

“The heart and the head,” as they’re known in the show, might be best to attempt the test as a unit. If the show goes in the “Bellarke” direction at the end, they could take the test together, save humanity and their connection would be re-established or even strengthened. Plus, if either Clarke or Bell try it on their own, they’ll likely over-emphasize their respective dominant traits—their heart or their head—which might lead them to fail. But if they’re together, they can balance things out.

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Maybe Murphy (Richard Harmon) is destined to save everyone (wouldn’t that be a twist?). There’s no denying he’s gone through what might be the biggest character development on the show; he started out coldhearted, self-centered and violent, and he ended up a true leader. He’s living proof that people can grow and change for the better. Honestly, there might be a better outcome if humanity is judged via Murphy than Bellamy at this point.

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If we’re looking at this from a “who’s the purest of them all” standpoint, then Jordan (Shannon Kook) should be the one to be judged for all mankind. The guy’s pretty much a saint; he’s truly his pacifist father’s son, always encouraging everyone to do better, stop fighting and focus on their shared humanity. If whatever beings give the test don’t pass Jordan Green, then everyone’s really screwed.

The Blood of Sanctum
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For the same reasons we outlined for Jordan, Madi (Lola Flanery) could take the test. Madi might even have a stronger connection to whatever beings are judging humanity; she’s been drawing memories from the AI Flame all season, and we know (or at least, we think) the Flame is somehow connected to the Last Test.

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We’re not saying he should, we’re saying it could happen. If the arrogant and dangerous Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) really gets the Flame back up and running and receives the code he needs to lead his Disciples to his “Last War,” there’s no way he’ll let anyone else take the test. This means he’ll either flunk it (what sensible beings would pass Bill Cadogan?), or he’ll have to be taken out of the equation or restrained before then.