Behind the Scenes With ‘The 100’ Cast During Season 5 (PHOTOS)

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The 100
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Bob Morley (aka leader Bellamy) gives a lift to Jarod Joseph (loyalist Miller) on one of the outdoor locations in British Columbia’s Kelowna region, which got some unfortunate scenic design help from Mother Nature. As a result of the Canadian wildfires, Morley says, “When we started shooting Season 5, the area was in a blanket of smoke for weeks — no sunlight, just smoke.”

The 100
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Nothing but respect for our commander! Lola Flanery (left) and Marie Avgeropoulos rehearse a pivotal moment between Madi and Octavia that also demonstrated the heroism inherent in noble Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) young charge. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg can’t stop raving about the cast newbie: “She’s a little star.”

The 100 - Chris Larkin
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Six years in space definitely created a bond among the crew of A.L.I.E.’s spaceship, so where does Christopher Larkin (good-hearted Monty) see his character within the family dynamic? “I’m the one who cooks,” the actor jokes. That’s much better than his buddy Richard Harmon, who considers aggressive Murphy “the drunk uncle you don’t want to invite over!”

The 100 - Marie Avgerpoulos
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“Beauty and Octavia are not two things that mix,” kids the gorgeous Avgeropoulos, who reveals she would spend “at least three hours” a day in hair and makeup getting grimy. “It took forever!” Making matters trickier was the fact that her locks had been shorn for the season’s six-year time jump before they shot the flashback to the Wonkru clan leader’s epic “You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru” fight scene. “They’d cut all my hair off,” she remembers, “and I quickly went, ‘Oh, s–t!’”

The 100 - Henry Ian Cusack
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Why, yes, you are seeing double. A stunt double! Henry Ian Cusick (right), who plays reformed baddie Kane, stands with doppelgänger Matt Reimer, a pro who has also suited up to take his lumps on Arrow, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Smallville and Reaper.

The 100 - Lindsay Morgan, Tasya Teles
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A paws, er, pause in filming gives Lindsey Morgan (mechanic Raven, left) and Tasya Teles (warrior Echo) a chance to snap a shot with one of the show’s four-legged visitors. “Eliza has a little dog she brings, and Marie has her friggin’ Bigfoot dog, Chewy,” says Rothenberg. “He’s famous amongst the fandom [and weighs], like, 150 pounds. He’s an animal!”

The 100
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Mother-daughter duo Paige Turco (left) and Taylor steal a little downtime on set. “Abby and Clarke have a hugely important relationship,” points out Rothenberg, who teases that Season 6 will up the angst in that family — and among everybody. “We’re not done with the fallout [from the season’s final episodes]. The consequences will be explored in a big way.”

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The Season 5 finale of The 100 might have just aired but that doesn’t mean fans can’t a peek at what the cast was up to behind the scenes in between takes.

Click through the gallery above for all your insider access.

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