15 Times Kane & Abby Made Us Believe in True Love on ‘The 100’ (PHOTOS)

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Stealing Fire
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Reunion on the Ark

Take a look at that expression: a smile of pure, unfettered joy. Your gigantic crush on your so-called “enemy” is showing, Marcus.

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Hand-holding before self-sacrifice

Today, in completely unnecessary and gratuitous touching, Abby Griffin held Marcus Kane’s hand and probably saved him from staying behind on the Ark. The first of many times Abby Griffin would try to keep him from doing something stupidly, nobly self-sacrificing.

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Making Abby the Chancellor

Power wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for Marcus. After being forced to shocklash Abby to keep their camp in line, he realized the Chancellorship wasn’t for him and he passed it along to the one person he knew could handle, and would excel at having, that level of authority. It’s evidence that even before they were in love — or even really friends — Marcus and Abby understood each other and supported each other.

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”I had those fears myself.”

Though they weren’t a couple yet, this is one of the most romantic reunion scenes on the show. The way Abby stares at him, disbelieving, for a few moments before she walks out to see him? The way he looks at her? The way they’re both clearly relieved and excited to see each other, but they hold back their emotions because they’re standing in front of a camp full of people? The seeds of true love were sown here.

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Contemplating what it means to survive

The 100 does a lot of thinking about what it means to be good people in a bad world, and these two got to spend a whole lot of time together in Season 2’s “Resurrection,” buried under the ruins of TonDC and ruminating on their choices. Though there’s not a whole lot inherently romantic about it (unless you count Abby being stubbornly unwilling to leave Kane to die), it shows they’re on the same wavelength when it comes to the larger questions of morality and survival.

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Holding hands on the way back to Arkadia

This might be the first semi openly romantic gesture these two had, and oh boy, was it a cute one. After almost losing Abby to Mount Weather’s sadistic selfishness (and huge drills), Marcus seems to fully realize his feelings for her. They walk back into Arkadia hand-in-hand, united as co-leaders.

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”I can’t do this again.”

If the hand-holding in Season 2 was the first time Abby and Marcus seemed couple-y, this was the first time they fully acknowledged each other as more than really good friends. In an angsty scene complete with an almost-kiss, Abby told her co-leader that she couldn’t go through the loss of another man she loved (the first being Jake, her late husband), and resolved to help free him from Pike’s clutches, even though it could’ve gotten her killed.

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First kiss

FINALLY! After two and a half seasons of sexual tension, Marcus decided he wasn’t leaving Arkadia without getting that kiss his near-execution denied him earlier in the episode. He cut Abby off midsentence with a passionate smooch that solidified the feelings they’d expressed for each other during the pre-execution scene earlier in the episode, proving Pike’s plans are no match for their love.

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Marcus takes the chip

“Join or Die” was a tough episode for fans of these two — Abby had been (unwillingly) chipped by ALIE, and since Marcus wasn’t willing to join the legions of zombielike followers whose brains were lost in the City of Light, he was crucified and left on the cross until he relented. He probably would’ve died on that cross if not for Jaha threatening Abby’s life. Only when his former leader put a gun to Abby’s head did Marcus agree to take the chip, thus demonstrating the horrors he’d endure to ensure the safety of the woman he loves.

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Abby takes off her wedding ring

Note: this whole episode was a haven for Kabby fans, including one of the steamiest love scenes on the show. (“You are a terrible influence.”) But perhaps the most emotional moment came when Marcus noticed Abby had taken off her necklace with Jake’s ring, thus cementing and making outwardly apparent the depth of her love for him.

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Marcus keeps Abby in the bunker

Though this decision drove a wedge between these two in early Season 5, it was a choice borne of both practicality and love. Abby, disgusted with herself after the medical experiments she’d done to try to make Nightblood a solution to Priamfiya, wanted to die rather than staying safe in the bunker.

After things went horribly wrong with the lottery method of deciding who stayed behind, Marcus ended up making many of the choices — and when the guards started to drag Abby away, he recoiled and ordered them to keep her inside. Even realizing Abby might hate him for what he did, Marcus loved her and knew she was worthy of survival.

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Kissing and making up… almost

Making up? Check. Kissing?So close. Handcuffed to a pipe for, uh, plot reasons, Marcus and Abby are finally forced to talk about their issues… including the whole “keeping Abby in the bunker against her will” thing.

Marcus eventually admits he kept her inside not just because she’s a doctor, but because he wasn’t strong enough to let her go. Abby tries to stay angry at him: a losing battle when Marcus Kane is employing the sad puppy stare. She eventually leans in to kiss him, and even though they’re interrupted and in the middle of a larger crisis, things are looking up for these two lovebirds.

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Entering the fighting pits… for love

But what goes up must come down, especially on The 100. While Abby and Marcus might have had a year or two of happiness, her addiction to painkillers became so consuming that she became dependent on them and stole medicine. This led Marcus to volunteer in the fighting pits in order to save her life. Again, Marcus puts his life on the line for the woman he loves.

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Wanting to help

No, the addiction storyline wasn’t a shining moment for the relationship between these two. But there were bright spots; specifically, the fact that Marcus is willing to help Abby through detox, and it’s implied he had done so in the bunker, but she relapsed. It’s another example of how these two have seen each other at their best and at their worst, and their love remains no matter what.

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Absolved of her “sins”

Season 5 was a rocky, painful road for Abby for a variety of reasons — her addiction was one, her memories of the Dark Year, another. Much as Marcus felt guilty for the Culling, Abby felt guilty for the role she played in convincing Octavia they would have to eat people to survive in the bunker (which, while Abby wasn’t wrong, was an awful extreme to have to go to for survival).

At first, it didn’t seem like Marcus knew it had been her idea, but he did… and with what could have been his final words, he told Abby what happened wasn’t her fault. If he died from his injuries, Marcus wanted Abby to know he didn’t blame her and still cared about her. Thankfully, they’ll be reunited in Season 6.

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Even 125 years in cryo couldn’t freeze the love that exists between Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby Griffin (Paige Turco) on The 100.

There’s a good reason their love has lasted longer than a century — several good reasons, in fact. Since the beginning of the show (or at least the beginning of Marcus’ redemption arc), these two have understood each other, respected each other and cared about each other.

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If it’s true that the best relationships are built on friendships, it’s no surprise theirs has lasted this long; they were co-leaders long before they were a couple, and they’ve made a habit of putting each other’s needs before their own.

Though Season 5 complicated things between them and they spent much of it apart, they’ll at least have a few scenes together in Season 6… and based on the trailer, it looks like they’ve worked things out.

In anticipation of seeing them together (and maybe even happy, for once?) here are 15 of Kane and Abby’s best moments from the past five seasons.

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