The 9 Best Friendships on ‘The 100’ (PHOTOS)

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Bellamy and Clarke

“The heart and the head,” as they’re known in the show, might be best to attempt the test as a unit. If the show ends up going the “Bellarke” direction in the end, this is perhaps the best chance; they take the test together, save humanity and their connection is re-established or even strengthened. Plus, if either Clarke or Bell try it on their own, they’ll likely over-emphasize their respective dominant traits—their heart or their head—which might lead them to fail. But if they’re together, they can balance things out.

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Jasper and Monty

Monty once said he has Jasper in almost all of his memories, and although they weren’t related, they definitely considered each other brothers. Their scenes in Season 1 provided much-needed comic relief, and their last moments together are some of the most heartbreaking on the show.

A Lie Guarded
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Murphy and Raven

As is the case with many friendships on The 100, Murphy and Raven started out trying to kill each other. In later seasons they developed a true bond — Murphy showed he cared about her and felt bad for shooting her, which resulted in her losing the use of her leg — and in Season 5, he even stayed behind on the Eligius ship with Raven because he didn’t want her to be the only one who had to make such a sacrifice.

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Octavia and Jasper

We’ll always wish this one had more screentime. Octavia and Jasper had an interesting relationship from the moment he saved her from the river monster in the pilot, and she was one of the only people who seemed to understand his anger and grief about Maya in Season 3.

Sleeping Giants
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Emori and Raven

It was great to see Emori happy in Season 5, and a good part of that happiness came from having friends she considered family. One of those friends was Raven, who taught her how to fly a ship. Their interactions were sweet, and it was great to see both of them smiling for once.

Human Trials
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Clarke, Bellamy and Raven

This trio of leaders has been in different places and on different wavelengths for the past few seasons, but when they’re all working together, things get done. Clarke, Bellamy and Raven have been leading their people since Season 1, and through their combined abilities, they’ve saved the human race from extinction multiple times.

The Four Horsemen
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Bellamy and Clarke

Yes, many fans want this to be more than a platonic relationship. It could very well develop that way, but for now, Clarke and Bellamy are just friends — albeit very, very close ones. Bellamy and Clarke might have the most profound friendship on the show; There’s nothing they haven’t forgiven each other for and no barrier their connection hasn’t broken. Often, they understand the other person better than that person knows himself or herself.

The Gospel of Josephine
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Murphy and Bellamy

These two went from trying to kill each other to grudging comrades to friends. Bellamy’s always trying to make Murphy see his worth and realize his potential to be a good guy, and Murphy… well, Murphy mostly insults him. Through his actions, Murphy’s demonstrated he’s willing to sacrifice himself to save Bellamy’s life, and in his Murphy way, he definitely considers Bellamy a good friend.

Earth Skills
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Jackson and Abby

They’re going through a rough patch right now, but Jackson and Abby’s friendship might be one of the longest-lasting on the show. Both her assistant and her friend, Jackson cares deeply for Abby (he’s well-known for shouting “Abby!” anytime Abby’s in danger) and it’s clear she cares about him, too.

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Octavia and Diyoza

Is it too early to put these two on this list? So far, they’ve definitely earned a place. Diyoza might be the only person who can get through to Octavia and break down her anger, not to mention their shared affinity for sarcasm. Here’s hoping we get tons more scenes with these two in Season 6.

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Maybe the real Sanctum was the friends we made along the way?

The 100 isn’t usually a happy show (the world has ended at least twice), but what moments of true joy it does have often come from its characters and the complex, powerful relationships between them. Many fans enjoy rooting for certain romances and appreciating those connections. That said, there are an abundance of fantastic friendships on the show… and some fans wish were more than just pals.

Here are nine friendships we love — or in some cases, loved — on The 100.

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