8 of the Biggest ‘Shipping Shockers in 2018 (PHOTOS)

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AMC/BBC America, Michael Courtney/The CW
Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh)
AMC/BBC America

Eve & Villanelle’s Killer Chemistry (Killing Eve)

Sorry, baby. Killing Eve didn’t place a potential romance between its two main characters at the forefront of the narrative, but it was certainly a key aspect of the drama. Their emotionally charged meeting in Villanelle’s Paris apartment made clear the obsession wasn’t just one-sided, and while they probably shouldn’t be together — and, well, Eve tried to kill Villanelle — the undertones are there.

Exit Wounds
Michael Courtney/The CW

Bellamy & Echo Get Together (The 100)

Depending on which pairings you support on this CW sci-fi drama, this ‘ship was either hugely seaworthy or a target for a torpedo. Though some fans have wanted Bellamy and Clarke to be together from the show’s first few episodes, it’s undeniable that Bellamy and Echo have formed a solid relationship during that six-year time jump — despite their less-than-friendly past. Based on the first photos released from Season 6, it seems they’re still going strong 125 years later.

The Walking Dead - Khary Payton, Melissa McBride
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Carol & Ezekiel Get Engaged (The Walking Dead)

Much like Bellamy and Echo, Carol and Ezekiel had foreshadowing in their interactions during previous seasons — but some fans were still shocked to see it happen. There are plenty of parallels between the two pairings; Carol and Ezekiel also got together over a time jump, and both couples stand in direct conflict to another popular fan pairing (some fans still want Carol and Daryl together on TWD). Time will tell if the King and Queen remain rulers of the Kingdom, but for now, they’re happily married.

Gene Page/AMC

Father Gabriel Hooks Up With Anne… and Rosita (The Walking Dead)

Where did this come from?! Father Gabriel became a true ladies’ man this season on The Walking Dead, romancing Anne early in 9A and then Rosita after the post-Rick time jump. It’s clear he cares about her but if Negan is to be believed, that might not run both ways. And there’s the obvious complication that Eugene has a pretty sizable crush on Rosita. Plus, Siddiq apparently likes Rosita, too. Looks like there’ll be an intriguing love square in 2019!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 5
John P. Fleenor/Fox/Universal Television

“Rosa’s Single!” (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

When Rosa came out as bi in 2017’s “99,” fans celebrated. They wondered who she might end up with, and were given a fantastic contender in Gina Rodriguez’s character, Alicia. Though she hasn’t been seen much on the show yet, Alicia and Rosa had noticeable chemistry. Fans were overjoyed to see Rosa with a female love interest, and there’s plenty of hope for her to return in the sixth season.

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Meredith in a Love Triangle (Grey’s Anatomy)

After losing McDreamy in Season 11, Meredith Grey was ready to find love again in 2018. Now, she has two suitors: Andrew DeLuca and “Link,” otherwise known as Atticus Lincoln. Both seem reasonable contenders to win Meredith’s heart, and it appears she’ll come closer to finding true love again in the back half of the season. But who will she choose?

Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

Archie & Veronica (Temporarily?) Call It Off (Riverdale)

And so Varchie put things on hold, at least for now. Riverdale’s last episodes of 2018 saw Archie and Jughead leaving town. But Archie realized he’d never be free of Hiram Lodge and had to take care of something first — something pretty heartbreaking. After telling Veronica that the moment he saw her, she was “it, for him,” Archie bid farewell to Veronica to keep her safe. Whether or not the two will get back together remains to be seen — in the meantime, might Veronica get together with Reggie?

Acceptable Losses
Jack Rowand/The CW

Kane & Abby Hit a Rough Patch (The 100)

This year — or rather, part of The 100‘s fifth season — wasn’t kind to “Kabby” fans. These two had been the steadiest couple on the show (well, maybe tied with Monty and Harper), but Abby’s painkiller addiction tested the strength of their love and seemingly pushed it to its limits. Eventually, Kane gave her an ultimatum: me, or the pills. And when Abby stayed quiet, he found his answer. Thankfully, the doc detoxed and she and Marcus worked things out… just in time for him to wind up nearly dead thanks to cannibalistic Eligius prisoner Vinson. Even the parents on The 100 can’t catch a break!

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Hookups and breakups appeared en masse on our favorite programs this year.

Some relationships lasted, others were fleeting. Some relationships made us cheer, others made us cry. Some relationships we saw coming, others left us scratching our heads for the remainder of the season. But one thing is certain — there was never a dull moment where these couples were concerned.

Click through the gallery above for our picks for the most surprising ‘shipping moments of 2018, from Grey’s Anatomy to The Walking Dead.

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