‘Supergirl’: Go Behind the Scenes of Season 3 With the Cast (PHOTOS)

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Supergirl - BTS - Melissa Benoist
Bettina Strauss/The CW

As cool as it was to shoot on the Vancouver streets, Melissa Benoist (Kara/Supergirl) says the season’s biggest blast took place indoors. “The ‘Trinity’ episode, where Lena [Luthor], Supergirl and Alex [Danvers] go into a dreamlike dimension where the Worldkillers lived…was a fun homage to Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] and packed with girl power,” she raves. “We all had too much fun.”

Supergirl - BTS - Mechad Brooks, Melissa Benoist, Katie McGrath
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How does Mehcad Brooks (with Benoist and Katie McGrath) stay loose between takes? “By pontificating about [politics] while eating vegan snacks with hummus!” he says. An extra greenroom for downtime hangs was built on-set last year. “We put them through lots of challenges,” executive producer Robert Rovner says of the cast. “We wanted them to have a special space.”

Supergirl - BTS - David Harewood, Chris Wood, Jeremy Jordan, Amy Jackson
Katie Yu/The CW

It’s three men and a Saturn Girl! David Harewood takes a shot with Chris Wood (Mon-El), Jeremy Jordan (Winn) and Amy Jackson (Imra) on the set of government agency the DEO, where his J’onn J’onzz fakes it for the effects team. “The magic is often added weeks after you shoot,” he says. “But on the set, you still have to imagine you’re interacting with an 8-foot-tall alien and make it look believable.”

Supergirl - BTS - Odette Annable, Emma Tremblay
Bettina Strauss/The CW

“We have the greatest crew,” notes Rovner of the team that creates action sequences like this one from the season premiere, when Odette Annable’s superpowered Sam lifted a fallen beam off of daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay). “It’s always challenging,” Rovner adds, “but I think [the action pieces are] the things that makes this show special, so we try to pull them off as often as we can.”

Supergirl - BTS- Jesse Rath
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Now that he’s a series regular for Season 4, Jesse Rath (Brainiac-5) is in for a lot more late nights and close-up shots like the one he’s framing here. “The cast gets to play and have fun, and that’s how you get through all these many months of work,” offers Queller. “But they’re professionals, you know? They always bring it.”

Supergirl - BTS - Chyler Leigh
©2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Chyler Leigh’s badass agent Alex redefines in-flight entertainment by getting a lift (with a crew member’s help) for a green-screen shot. “The actors are great about going up in harnesses and doing what needs to be done,” says Rovner. “We love to make the show magical.” Executive producer Jessica Queller adds, “Our credo is ‘heart, humor and spectacle.’ We try to include all three.”

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While Kara and her crew protect the world, a committed team keeps Supergirl‘s squad safe from 8-foot aliens and falling beams.

Click through the gallery above for an inside look at the making of the CW show, as well as some behind-the-scenes, on-set shenanigans.

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