First Look: Seriously, What’s Going on in These New ‘Suits’ Season 7 Photos?!

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Suits - Season 7
Ian Watson/USA Network
Suits - Season 7

“Hey Harvey, I need to borrow a bunch of your albums for a mixtape I am making for Rachel. I think she’s got her eye on someone else.”

Rick Hoffman on Suits - Season 7

“Listen, it’s Litt, with two Ts. Not ‘lit’ like ‘the kids are getting lit,’ ok?”

Suits - Season 7

“I swear, if they introduce another woman to keep us apart, I’m gonna jump.”

Suits - Season 7

“His Highness will see you now…Mr. Ross, you can stay here and play with that toy truck.”

Patrick J. Adams on Suits - Season 7
Ian Watson/USA Network

“Yeah, you may be boyishly cute but come on…he’s a damn Prince.”

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Suits is coming back on March 28th to wrap up the back half of Season 7…and sadly, to send off series originals Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, who as we all know, has a royal reason for leaving the show.

Still, these two have some serious work to get done before calling it a day. There is a new fight for the future of the firm against a foe from the past, an emotional dilemma for Louis (Rick Hoffman), and, of course, the fallout from that mid-season smooch between Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

We don’t want to spoil the ride to April 25’s two-hour season finale, so click through the gallery above for an exclusive peek at scenes from the gang’s return with our own ideas of what is transpiring. Enjoy!

Suits, returns Weds., March 28, 9/8c, USA