‘Succession’: 7 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Season 4

'Succession' Season 4 Questions

Succession left the Roy kids in quite a pickle by the end of Season 3, and as we look forward to a new year, viewers also anticipate a new season of HBO‘s hit series.

The show from creator Jesse Armstrong set some storylines in motion as Logan (Brian Cox) essentially cut his three kids — Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) — out of making decisions for Waystar Royco. Without their sway and Tom Wambsgans’ (Matthew Macfadyen) higher position within the family business, only time will tell where Season 4 will lead.

Below, we’re breaking down some of the questions we’d like to see answered when the show does return for its fourth season in Spring 2023.

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Matthew Macfadyen in 'Succession' Season 3

What Role Will Tom Have?

Tom sold his soul to the devil by selling out Shiv, Kendall, and Roman, who wanted to prevent their father’s deal-making with Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) and GoJo. He’s shown that his allegiance lies with Logan, but will that win him the upper-echelon ranking he so desperately craves? And if so, what will that kind of power do to Tom, who had essentially been preparing for potential prison time in Season 3? We’re dying to know.

Nicholas Braun in 'Succession' Season 3

Will Greg Have Other Gregs?

When Tom asked Greg (Nicholas Braun) if he wanted to join him for his latest business endeavor, he promised the young and seemingly naive cousin a whole team of “Gregs” to work under him. Needless to say, it was a quick yes from Greg, who had begun flexing his privilege in Season 3, ranging from his quest to sue Greenpeace after his grandfather gave his inheritance away to the charity all the way to his juggling of two women in the finale. With this promise of extra power, will Cousin Greg turn into an unrecognizable product of the Roy family?

Alan Ruck and Justine Lupe in 'Succession'

Will There Be a Wedding?

Also in the finale, Willa (Justin Lupe) accepted Connor’s (Alan Ruck) wedding proposal as he still plans on running for President (because you can’t let the Conheads down). Getting married would improve his image and bolster the family’s reputation in the public eye. Willa’s “f**k it” acceptance wasn’t the most enthusiastic, but if wedding planning is a part of Season 4, we can only imagine the familial drama that will unfold surrounding the ceremony.

The stars of 'Succession'

Will Jeryd Mencken Come Back Into Play?

Introduced in Episode 6, “What It Takes,” Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk) is a politician that Roman Roy wanted his father to consider backing through Waystar Royco’s news divisions. While Connor threw his hat into the ring for presidential backing, Logan seemingly decided to take Roman’s lead in supporting Mencken, particularly against Shiv’s advisement. Shiv warned the man had policies bordering on fascism, and she was less than thrilled posing for a family photo featuring Mencken. Will that political move from Season 3 come back to potentially bite Logan and the rest of the Roys?

Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook in 'Succession'

Where Do Shiv & Tom Stand?

Shiv and Tom haven’t been on the best terms their entire onscreen relationship, but there was never any denying that Shiv held the power in their relationship. Even when the pair discussed the potential of having kids in Season 3, it was ultimately going to be her decision whether or not they pursue it. But after Tom’s betrayal in the Season 3 finale, will Shiv turn her back on him for good, or will it only draw her closer to him?

Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron in 'Succession' Season 3

Where Does Gerri Factor In?

While Logan was in a bit of a pickle during Season 3, Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) was appointed interim CEO of Waystar Royco. With new plans taking shape behind the scenes between the company and GoJo, where will Gerri fit into the conglomerate? As a fan-favorite character, we can only hope she remains a prominent player in the business game.

Jeremy Strong in 'Succession' Season 3

Is Kendall on the Road to Recovery?

Kendall Roy has never been right, exactly, but since his Season 1 car wreck that left a caterer from his sister’s wedding dead, he’s been on a downward spiral. After a brutal dinner confrontation with dad Logan in the third season and following an admission of his wrongdoing to Shiv and Roman, it felt as though Kendall might be turning a corner. Will he be able to seize opportunities that cross his path without self-destructing? We can only speculate.