'Soul Food' Turns 20: Where the Series' Stars Are Now

Dan Clarendon
Soul Food Cast
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When Soul Food premiered 20 years ago this month, TV dramas with predominantly Black casts weren’t just rare but nearly non-existent. Luckily, the multigenerational family drama — a continuation of the 1997 film of the same name — rang true with audiences and marked a critical and commercial hit for Showtime, paving the way for shows like Empire and Greenleaf.

“It was almost a no-brainer for [Soul Food] to be successful,” executive producer Kathleen McGhee-Anderson told The Washington Post in May 2004, when the show ended after four seasons and 74 episodes. “There is an unmet appetite for stories, well-told stories, about African Americans.”

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In the last two decades, the cast has moved on to other projects — sometimes with other Soul Food alums! Check out the gallery below to get career updates for the show’s series regulars.