‘Sorry for Your Loss’ Season 2 & More Facebook Watch Premiere Dates (PHOTOS)

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Sorry For Your Loss Image
Facebook Watch
Sorry For Your Loss - Elizabeth Olsen
Facebook Watch

Sorry for Your Loss

Synopsis: Exploring the life of a young widow trying to piece her life back together, Sorry For Your Loss has emerged as a critically acclaimed series with a star turn performance by Elizabeth Olsen. It was not only lauded for being an authentic depiction of grief and survival, but it also proved to be an outlet for viewers to share their stories of loss and find comfort within the Facebook community and the official Facebook Group.

Executive Producers: Kit Steinkellner, Elizabeth Olsen, James Ponsoldt; Robin Schwartz, Marc Turtletaub, and Peter Saraf for Big Beach TV; and Cynthia Pett, Brad Petrigala, and Jon Liebman for Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Sorry for Your Loss, Season 2 Premiere, October 1

Limetown Logo
Facebook Watch


Synopsis: Limetown follows Lia Haddock, a journalist for American Public Radio (APR), as she unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee.

Cast: Jessica Biel, Stanley Tucci, Marlee Matlin, Kelly Jenrette, John Beasley, and Louis Ferreira

Executive Producers: Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, Zack Akers, Skip Bronkie, Appelbaum, Jeff Pinkner, André Nemec, Scott Rosenberg

Limetown, Series Premiere, October 16

Human Discoveries Key Art
Facebook Watch

Human Discoveries

Synopsis: Human Discoveries is an animated series featuring a group of friends living at the dawn of human civilization. Of course, they’re the first to discover necessities like fire and the wheel. But, much more importantly, we’ll watch as they stumble onto humanity’s best, and worst, innovations. Art. Alcohol. Fashion. Racism. Small talk. And, much to their confusion, monogamy.

Cast: Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Lamorne Morris, Jillian Bell, and Paul Scheer

Executive Producers: Kirk J. Rudell, Chris Bruno, David Howard Lee, Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Corey Campodonico, Alex Bulkley, Jason Barrett and Mike Simkin

Human Discoveries, Series Premiere, July 16

Five Points

Five Points

Synopsis: Five Points explores authentic teen stories through the eyes of five diverse kids in a Southside Chicago high school. Each episode is seen through a revolving perspective, taking audiences on a surprising and unexpected journey where the characters ultimately are anything but what they originally seemed.

Cast: Hayley Kiyoko, Madison Pettis, Ray Cham Jr., Nathaniel Potvin, Trey Curtis, and Daniela Nieves

Executive Producers: Jon Avnet, Rodrigo Garcia, Jake Avnet, Kerry Washington, and Katie Mota

Five Points, Season 2 Premiere, August 5

Curse of Akakor Image
Facebook Watch

Curse of Akakor

Synopsis: A ground-breaking documentary series, Curse of Akakor follows six investigators deep into the Amazon jungle on the search for a lost city and the answer to a chilling question: why does almost everyone who chases the Akakor legend go missing? Three explorers on three different expeditions disappeared in the 1980s while seeking a lost city of gold called Akakor and its sister city, Akahim. A fourth explorer was murdered in mysterious circumstances just before embarking on his expedition. For almost 40 years, the disappearances and murder have remained unexplained.

To finally uncover the truth, investigative journalist Paul Connolly; former FBI agent Bobby Chacon; tech expert Brennon Edwards; survival expert Megan Hine; wilderness doctor Dr. Karina Oliani and geologist/explorer Dr. Martin Pepper are following in the footsteps of those ill-fated expeditions. Armed with the latest technology and guided by ancient clues, they have a dual mission: to search for evidence of the lost cities; and to discover what happened to the explorers who never came back.

Executive Producers: John Luscombe and Nick Long

Curse of Akakor, Series Premiere, August 11

Facebook Watch

Ball in the Family

Synopsis: From Bunim/Murray Productions, Ball In The Family follows the Ball family’s basketball journey, as LaVar, Tina, and their three sons Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo rewrite the rules on and off the court. Season five picks up with LaVar working to save the BBB brand, Lonzo preparing for his third professional season, LiAngelo training to join a summer league team, LaMelo exploring his options as he readies for next year’s draft and Tina tackling speech therapy.

Executive Producers: Gil Goldschein, Julie Pizzi, Farnaz Farjam, and Steve Ezell

Ball in the Family, Season 5 Premiere, August 18

Huda Boss Image
Facebook Watch

Huda Boss

Synopsis: The life of a beauty business mogul isn’t all glitz and glamour, and through Huda Boss, Huda and Mona Kattan — the powerhouse sisters behind the cult beauty brand Huda Beauty — showed Facebook audiences exactly what it takes to run a global enterprise. Huda alongside her sisters Mona and Alya, as well as her husband Chris, gave an exclusive look at the professional and personal tradeoffs that come with building their billion dollar cosmetics brand.

Executive Producers: Pam Healey, Lisa Shannon, Leola Westbrook, Esther Frank, Huda Kattan, and Mona Kattan

Huda Boss, Season 2 Premiere, August 20

The Birch 1
Facebook Watch

The Birch

Synopsis: Crypt TV’s The Birch is centered around the dark relationship between a synonymous monster taprotector in the woods and a pure-hearted teenager who summons her in a time of crisis. The 14-episode series is based on the award-winning viral short of the same name, and will be told from multiple character perspectives as their lives are indelibly shaped by The Birch.

Cast: Xaria Dotson, Dempsey Bryk, and Midori Francis

Executive Producers: Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, and Darrent Brand

The Birch, Series Premiere, October 11

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Sorry for Your Loss Season 2 is just one Facebook Watch Original series to look out for in the coming months.

Facebook Watch announced the premiere dates for eight of its originals in July, August, and October. The Elizabeth Olsen-starring Sorry for Your Loss returns for a second season on October 1. The three other returning series are Five Points on August 5 (for Season 2), Ball in the Family on August 18 (for Season 5), and Huda Boss on August 20 (for Season 2).

There are also four new originals coming: Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick’s Human Discoveries on July 16, Curse of Akakor on August 11, The Birch on October 11, and Jessica Biel’s Limetown on October 16.

There are now 720 million monthly and 140 million daily spending at least a minute on Watch, and daily visitors spend more than an average of 26 minutes.

Click through the gallery above to find out more about the Facebook Watch Originals premiering in the summer and fall.