7 ‘Sopranos’ Locations to Visit in Honor of the 20th Anniversary (PHOTOS)

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Centanni’s Meat Market

Elizabeth, New Jersey

So it may not be the real Satriale’s — the filming location was knocked down in Kearny, New Jersey — but this real butcher shop served as the inspiration behind Tony’s (James Gandolfini) legitimate business. The sign is nearly identical to Satriale’s and serves up some prime cuts that would make any gangster giddy.

sopranos locations 2 finale

Holsten’s Ice Cream, Chocolate & Restaurant

Bloomfield, New Jersey

The iconic location of the show’s final moments, this little mom-and-pop operation actually exists in reality offering fans the opportunity to live the Soprano family’s (final?) moments. Even better? You can sit in Tony’s booth while you enjoy some creamy confections and a burger to boot.

sopranos locations 5 bada bing

Satin Dolls

Lido, New Jersey

If your wish is to party like Tony and the gang, Bada-Bing style, you can visit this New Jersey haunt which served as the filming location for the strip club. It may not have the same zip to its name but it likely offers the same thrills…

sopranos locations 3 averna club

Mulberry Street Bar

New York, New York

Serving as the interior for the Lupertazzi family headquarters — the Averna Social Club — the Mulberry Street Bar is located in the Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan. The location was used multiple times throughout the series’ run and is open for business and fans today.

sopranos locations 4 silver cup

Silvercup Studios

Long Island City, New York

Most of the interior filming that took place on The Sorpanos was shot at the studio in Long Island City. In the Season 4 premiere, Johnny Sack’s (Vincent Curatola) call to Paulie (Tony Sirico) is actually filmed on the rooftop of the studio, which can be seen from the Queensboro bridge crossing from Manhattan into Queens.

sopranos locations 7 church

St. Patrick’s Church

Jersey City, New Jersey

The church was used on quite a few occasions throughout the series. In Season 4, Tony brought his son AJ for a little ride, parked outside the church, and proceeded to tell the young Soprano how his ancestors helped build the house of worship.

sopranos locations 6 marina

Nichols Great Kills Marina

Staten Island, New York

Tony’s yacht had to live somewhere, it just so happened that the location was Nichols Great Kills Marina. While no exact parking location is known, it is true that the mob boss’s boat was there somewhere, just be careful when visiting — you don’t want to swim with the fishes.

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HBO’s landmark series The Sopranos is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a fun-filled road trip?

Get your map (or GPS) ready for a New York and New Jersey adventure, as we’ve rounded up seven locations that are worth the trip for any die-hard fan. From Tony’s businesses to backrooms at bars and that infamous finale diner, we’ve got you covered.

Click through the gallery above to find out what should be on your tour list.

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