‘Saved by the Bell’: Zack & Kelly Are Back in Revival’s Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Zack Kelly Saved by the Bell Peacock

“I don’t care about your dad, Spencer. I just care about Zack and Kelly!” Principal Toddman (John Michael Higgins) gets a bit meta in the official trailer for the Saved by the Bell revival on Peacock.

After a few teasers that offered a look at the new students of Bayside High, as well as Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez returning as Jessie and Slater, the streaming service has revealed an extended look at what’s to come — including Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen back as Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski-Morris.

Not only does the video (below) offer a look at the similarities between Zack and son Mac (Mitchell Hoog), it also shows more of what the students will be dealing with, like parties and adjusting to the changes. Plus, watch the preview for a look at the old gang back together and a Zack Attack band reunion.

The reimagining of the classic series sees Zack, now the California governor, in a bit of trouble after closing too many underfunded high schools. He then decides to send the affected students to the state’s most well-funded schools, including Bayside High. “The influx of new students gives the privileged Bayside kids (who never have a problem that can’t be solved in twenty-two minutes) a much-needed dose of reality,” the logline teases.

Scroll down for a look at the character portraits for the returning and new cast.

Saved by the Bell, Wednesday, November 25, Peacock

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren Saved by the Bell Revival Jessie
Chris Haston/Peacock

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren as Jessie

Mario Lopez - Saved by the Bell Revival - Slater
Chris Haston/Peacock

Mario Lopez as Slater

Mitchell Hoog Saved by the Bell Revival Mac
Chris Haston/Peacock

Mitchell Hoog as Mac

Haskiri Velazquez Saved by the Bell Revival Daisy
Chris Haston/Peacock

Haskiri Velazquez as Daisy

Alycia Pascaul-Pena Saved by the Bell Revival Aisha
Chris Haston/Peacock

Alycia Pascaul-Pena as Aisha

Saved by the Bell - Dexter Darden as Devante
Chris Haston/Peacock

Dexter Darden as Devante

Josie Jaye Totah Saved by the Bell Revival Lexi
Chris Haston/Peacock

Josie Jaye Totah as Lexi

Belmont Cameli Saved by the Bell Revival Jamie
Chris Haston/Peacock

Belmont Cameli as Jamie

John Michael Higgins Saved by the Bell Revival Principal Toddman
Chris Haston/Peacock

John Michael Higgins as Principal Toddman

Saved by the Bell Revival Poster

Saved by the Bell poster