8 Questions the ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1 Finale Left Hanging (PHOTOS)

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Recovering the Satellites
Ursula Coyote/The CW
Roswell Max
The CW

How Will Max Be Brought Back?

It is a question of how, not if, because Max can’t be permanently dead. He may be the one with the ability to heal, but anything can happen. He could bring himself back. Isobel or Michael could tap into a new ability. Another alien could show up.

Roswell Rosa
The CW

How Will Rosa Be Affected By Her Resurrection?

Rosa was dead for a decade, and while we saw Liz bounce back after Max saved her in the pilot, this is very different. Rosa should be changed by what happened.

Roswell Maria
The CW

Will Maria Learn the Truth?

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 didn’t feature nearly enough Maria (Heather Hemmens), but with her still in the dark about aliens, there’s so much potential for the character in Season 2.

Will her noticing Michael’s healed hand (courtesy of Max) put her on the path to learning the truth? And if she does, how will she react when she learns that her closest friends kept it from her?

Roswell Isobel
The CW

Will Isobel Go Dark?

Considering she found out her husband was lying to her for years — and is a serial killer — and used her body, we can’t blame Isobel for looking into the potential of her powers and shattering the photo of her and Noah.

But should we be worried about what else she might be able to do?

Roswell Kyle Manes
The CW

What Has Kyle Done With Master Sergeant Manes?

Kyle learned that Alex’s father, Master Sergeant Manes (Trevor St. John), was responsible for his father’s death. Though he briefly considers buying a gun, Kyle instead protects himself with a bulletproof vest.

Then, he injects Alex’s father with barbiturates, putting him in a medically induced coma. Kyle tells him he’s taking him to a hospital before any vital organs shut down, but he also thinks the other man should hope his doctor is one with a code, adding, “one nation’s soldier is another’s terrorist.”

What is Kyle doing with him, and what will he tell Alex (Tyler Blackburn)?

So Much for the Afterglow
Cathy Kanavy/The CW

What Will the Reaction Be to the Truth About Rosa’s Father?

When Rosa was still dead, it was just about Liz and Kyle’s (Michael Trevino) reactions to him and Rosa sharing a father. Now, with Rosa alive again, she’s a factor as well.

What will it mean for Rosa and for her relationships with Liz, Kyle, and the father who raised her?

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
John Golden Britt/The CW

Will the Maria/Michael/Alex Love Triangle Get Messy?

Hopefully it doesn’t, because it hasn’t yet.

Michael tells Isobel that he loves Alex, but Alex’s family is “tangled up in all these terrible memories of [his] life. … Lately, that love just hurts. Coming back to him, it always feels like a crash landing.”

He also wants to just be normal for a while, which may be partly why he goes to Maria at the end of the finale.

How will this play out moving forward?

Ursula Coyote/The CW

Are Max and Isobel’s Parents Out There?

Michael met his mother briefly before losing her, but what about Max and Isobel’s parents? Do they share a parent?

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[Warning: The post below and the gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Roswell, New Mexico, “Recovering the Satellites.”]

Liz (Jeanine Mason) may want to change her memory — at least some of it — after the events of the Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 finale.

Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) takes and gives life in “Recovering the Satellites.” He stops Noah (Karan Oberoi) once and for all, but Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) find Noah’s pod — and he has Rosa’s (Amber Midthunder) body inside.

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Though the others think Rosa has been dead for too long, Max still decides to try to bring her back, and he succeeds. The only problem is it looks like it cost him his own life.

Roswell, New Mexico has been renewed for a second season, and there are quite a few questions that need to be answered after that finale.

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