7 Burning Questions 'Riverdale' Season 5 Needs to Answer

Riverdale Season 5 Questions
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Riverdale, "Killing Mr. Honey."]

You may never look at the Archie Comics the same way again after Riverdale Season 4.

The ongoing Voyeur storyline took a very, very disturbing turn in the final moments of what was originally planned to be the 19th episode of the season and ended up being the finale. Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) followed the latest video tape to a cabin, where they found another tape waiting for them — and this one showed people dressed up in masks of them and their friends "killing" (or killing?!) "Mr. Honey." It was very, very similar to Jughead's original fictional tale for his application to the University of Iowa.

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Archie's hometown makes some appearances, from familiar faces to those beloved milkshakes.

But that's just one topic we need to see addressed when the series returns for its fifth season. (It was renewed in January, along with 12 other CW shows.) Scroll down to see our burning questions after the shortened fourth season.

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Riverdale Season 5 Question Voyeur Tapes
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Who is the Voyeur? And how many people are part of this latest threat?

Sure, the video tapes were creepy from the beginning, showing each person’s home. But then they escalated, recreating the crimes of the town, including Jason and Midge’s murders and what people thought happened to Jughead. Those proved there’s more than one person involved. But it’s the last tape of the season that has us wondering just how many people are part of it, as six people, in Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie masks “killed” someone in a Mr. Honey mask. Is someone from school involved? Could they have seen Jughead’s original fictional tale when he left his laptop open? What exactly are these people up to?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Mr Honey Alive Dead
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Is Mr. Honey dead?

Sure, it was someone in a Mr. Honey mask, but we didn’t see who was under it — and it’s possible that when Season 5 premieres, we find out that those people under those masks actually did kill that person. Maybe word gets out that Mr. Honey never made it to this new job at Stonewall?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Varchie Bughead Barchie Kiss
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What will the fallout of Betty and Archie's kiss be?

During the Season 4 musical episode, Betty and Archie kissed and then proceeded to meet up after in the bunker to discuss what it meant. He even wrote her a song. But while she decided she loved Jughead and put an end to whatever could have developed between them, that’s far from over. Jughead and Veronica are still in the dark, and Archie seemed to be the one struggling with his feelings for his best friend this time, a reversal of what we saw at the beginning of the series. Will Betty and Jughead and Archie and Veronica’s relationships survive the kiss inevitably coming out?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Teens College Plans
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Where will the teens end up for college?

In Jughead’s original story, after the teens found Mr. Honey dead, they recapped their college plans: Highsmith College (Cheryl), Barnard (Veronica), Yale (Betty), Naval Academy (Archie), University of Iowa (Jughead), and Riverdale Community College (Reggie). Previously, Kevin revealed his plans to attend Carnegie Mellon. Will Jughead get into the University of Iowa? Will anything about the rest of their senior year change any of their plans?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Hermione FP Exits
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How will Hermione and FP be written out?

Fans learned that Marisol Nichols and Skeet Ulrich were both leaving at the end of Season 4. How will their characters exit? And how will that affect their friends and family still on the show — Veronica and Hiram for Hermione and Jughead, Jellybean, and Alice for FP?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Cast Departures
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Will there be any other significant exits?

Anything could happen, especially after the teens leave high school (and likely the town) behind. Will the rest of the parents stick around? Might one of the kids leave everything that Riverdale entailed in the past?

Riverdale Season 5 Question Charles
Shane Harvey/The CW

What's going on with Charles and Chic?

Early on in the season, Betty and Jughead’s real half-brother paid their fake half-brother a visit in prison. Are they part of the Voyeur plot? Are they up to something else that will likely bring more death and drama to the teens?