‘Proven Innocent’: Meet the Characters of Fox’s New Legal Drama (PHOTOS)

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Proven Innocent Season 1 EP 101
Jean Whiteside/FOX

Likely to Be Canceled

Proven Innocent (FOX)

This Kelsey Grammer legal drama debuted to poor ratings that just got worse, but its 23 percent rise in total viewership over the past few weeks should give fans reason to be optimistic.


Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre)

The IDG cofounder “has earned her self-righteousness,” says exec producer Danny Strong. Indeed, as a teen, she was convicted of murdering her friend Rosemary (Casey Tutton) and served 10 years before being exonerated.


Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer)

The Cook County state’s attorney who prosecuted Madeline “sees himself as a hero” who bends rules (and breaks laws) to serve justice, Strong says. Madeline aims to expose his corruption and spoil his run for Illinois attorney general.

Russell Hornsby as Easy Boudreau in Proven Innocent

EASY BOUDREAU (Russell Hornsby)

Easy was the only attorney willing to take on Madeline’s appeal when she was in prison. Now they’re partners at the IDG, although they don’t always see eye-to-eye. “He’s pragmatic, while Madeline is emotional,” Strong says.

Vincent Kartheiser as Bodie Quick in Proven Innocent

Bodie Quick (Vincent Kartheiser)

As the firm’s resident investigator, the quirky Bodie searches for new evidence to prove clients’ innocence. Says Strong, “He’s trying to find out what really happened, which involves putting himself in harm’s way.”


Violet Price (Nikki M. James)

The IDG’s hip communications director chronicles each case on her podcast. She also acts as a mentor to socially awkward Madeline. “Violet’s trying to get Madeline to start dating — even though she’s unlucky in love herself,” Strong says.

Riley Smith as Levi Scott in Proven Innocent

Levi Scott (Riley Smith)

Madeline’s brother, also convicted of Rosemary’s murder, has been struggling since his release. The opioid addict, says Strong, “has been keeping a big secret about Rosemary, and it will shine a very suspicious light on him.”

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Most legal shows share the same basic premise: Good guys try to put bad guys behind bars.

But on the new drama Proven Innocent, the formula gets flipped as a team of scrappy Chicago defense attorneys, aka the Injustice Defense Group, strives to free folks wrongfully convicted of crimes.

Here’s a look at the key players — and the powerful man they’re up against.

Proven Innocent, Series Premiere, Friday, February 15, 9/8c, Fox