Prince Harry’s Fun-Packed Interview With Stephen Colbert: All the Best Bits

Prince Harry and Stephen Colbert pose at Late Show
The Late Show/CBS

The Duke of Sussex stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday (January 10) night to promote his new memoir Spare, do tequila shots with Stephen Colbert, and take part in a funny skit with Tom Hanks.

In the latest stop on Prince Harry‘s media tour, the headline-grabbing royal opened up about the tense relationship with his older brother Prince William, what he remembers most about his late grandmother, The Queen, and shared a story about suffering a case of frostbite in a very unfortunate private area during a trip to the North Pole.

Read on for some of the best moments from the interview. And check out the full extended interview here.

Prince Harry and Tom Hanks on LAte Show
The Late Show

Harry is Upstaged by Tom Hanks

The evening kicked off with a funny little skit that saw a red carpet rolled out for the show’s special guest, along with two trumpeters.

Only, the fanfare wasn’t for Harry, who was pushed aside by Colbert to make way for Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks.

Prince Harry takes shots with Colbert
The Late Show

Harry Does Tequila Shots

“Would you like a cocktail before we begin?” Colbert asked at the start of the interview.

“Yes, please,” Harry said with little hesitation as the late-night host took out two glasses and a bottle of tequila.

Prince Harry reveals nicknames on Late Show
The Late Show

Harry Reveals His Nicknames

As the prince joined Colbert at the table, the late-night host wondered how he should address the Duke of Sussex. Harry? Prince? Duke?

Well, it turns out Harry has some more interesting nicknames, including “Baz,” “Bazza,” and “Bazarooni.”

Prince Harry joins Colbert on late Show
The Late Show

Harry Shares "Frostnip" Story

“We’ve taken quite a leap from grief and trauma to my todger,” Harry quipped after Colbert asked about the frozen penis story.

“It didn’t turn into an icicle,” Harry said as he explained how the incident happened during a trip to the North Pole. He said he had all the appropriate equipment and clothing except for one thing. “What I didn’t have was a c**k cushion,” he revealed, much to the audience’s amusement.

Prince Harry on The Late Show shows off necklace
The Late Show

Harry Shows Colbert the Necklace William Broke

One of the most talked about parts of the book involves the description of a physical fight that allegedly took place between Harry and William. During the fight, Harry said William broke his necklace.

The prince showed off the now-fixed necklace to Colbert, which includes pendants of his children’s heartbeats and a charm given to him by a friend in Botswana.

Prince Harry talks The Crown on late Show
The Late Show

Harry Admits to Watching The Crown

When asked about what TV shows he’s currently watching, Harry admitted to having seen episodes of The Crown, both old and recent.

“Do you fact-check it as you watch it?” Colbert asked. After humorously miming taking notes, the Duke confessed, “Yes, I do, actually,” with a laugh.

Prince Harry chats with Colbert on The Late Show
The Late Show

Harry Loves Living in America

After talking about moving away from the U.K. due to the hounding from the British press, Harry spoke highly of his life in the U.S. with his wife, Meghan Markle.

“We’ve created a fantastic life in California, which is beautiful,” he said. “And America is a great place to live.”

Prince Harry talks about The Queen on late Show
The Late Show

Harry Reveals What He'll Remember About The Queen

When asked what he’ll remember the most about his grandmother, Harry said, “Her sharp wit. Her sense of humor. Her ability to respond to anybody with a completely straight face but totally joking.”