What’s in Phil Keoghan’s Queue? ‘The Morning Show,’ ‘Midnight Diner’ & More (VIDEO)

Phil Keoghan spends much of his time hosting competition series like the globe-trotting The Amazing Race (Paramount+, CBS) and staying closer to home for the real-world challenges on Tough as Nails.

“I don’t get a lot of time to watch television because I’m making television and I’m traveling,” he says. But when people ask, “Have you seen this?” Phil listens and builds his TV lineup. Here’s what been in his queue lately.

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Reese Witherspoon in 'The Morning Show'
Apple TV

The Morning Show, Apple TV+

“I watched the first season [with Reese Witherspoon, above], and it was all just a little too close to the bone with everything going on at the time. Now with a bit of space, I’m able to really appreciate Billy Crudup’s acting.”

What's In My Queue
Getty Images

Midight Diner, Netflix

“I don’t know anything about [the Tokyo-set series about late-night customers] other than a very good friend who has never let me down and has always given me good recommendations said, ‘You’ve got to watch Midnight Diner,’ so I have to check that out.”

Rugby World Cup France 2023
Paul Harding/Getty Images

Rugby World Cup, Peacock

“I am obsessed with the Rugby World Cup. I come from New Zealand. I used to play rugby and think it’s the greatest game. I can’t help but watch it. I’m hoping we’ll get to the final. I’m going to France to watch.”

Coco Gauff US Open
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

US Open, ESPN, Tennis Channel

“I love tennis, and with Coco Gauff winning, seeing that footage of her in the stands as an 8-year-old girl and then you cut to Coco on the court as the US Open champion-—I just love living those moments. That’s like a movie in itself!”

Phil Keoghan in 'The Amazing Race is Back'
Nicolas Axelrod/CB

The Amazing Race, Paramount+

“I do watch the episodes as they’re getting [edited] because I do all the voiceovers, but I don’t watch it live. I get to watch all the cuts, but the polished one that’s all colored and mixed-—that’s for you, not for me.”

Drive to Survive Season 5

Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Netflix

“I’m really envious of the people that make this show because Netflix has access to all the footage, all the POVs from the front and back of the car and inside the driver’s helmet and the landscape shaking up and down!”