Love Isn't Just for Kids: The 12 Best Parent Ships on TV (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

It's rarely the parents who get the center spot on TV posters or a key role in their show's storylines. At least on programs where teens soak up most of the limelight, those over the age of 35 typically take on the role of supporting kids and getting caught up in their adventures. That or causing problems for them by disapproving of romances or friendships, shutting down parties, and making life harder for the teens.

In that context, oft-overlooked are the storylines and relationships between parental figures, whether married, dating, or simply pining for each other. They might not be as dramatic, tense, or central to the events of the show as the ones between the "kids," but they can sometimes serve as the best example of what a healthy partnership looks like.

After all, marriage can be just as meaningful as dating, that love is more than just a one-night stand, and that second chances can happen at the age of 25 or 52. Check out our favorite ships between "parents" on shows like Riverdale, The 100, Stranger Things and more!

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