13 Must-See Moments From ‘Outlander’s Action-Packed Season 5 Trailer (PHOTOS)

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The trailer begins with some callbacks to earlier days as Claire (Caitriona Balfe) says to Jamie (Sam Heughan), “Don’t you feel as if everything’s pointing you towards something — space, time, history? I am grateful for every day we have.” We revisit her first encounter with the standing stones at Craigh na Dun, as well as her ’60s style in Boston. Could this mean we’re getting some flashbacks this season?

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Better times for Bree and Roger

Now reunited and living as a couple, Bree (Sophie Skelton) and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) romance is on full display in the trailer as the two share a sweet kiss. This season, they’ll marry in front of family and friends.

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Murtagh and Jocasta’s relationship

Like Bree and Roger, fans are treated to a tease of a continued relationship between Jamie’s godfather, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), and his Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy). Things look tense, however, as the pair may be separated due to her being a loyalist and him a rebel.

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Governor Tryon forces Jamie’s hand

We see the season’s antagonist Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) approach Jamie and say, “The time has come for you to fulfill your oath. Do not disappoint me.” This is referring to Jamie’s orders to apprehend his godfather for his crimes against the crown.

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Family separated once again?

Via narration, Jamie suggests that Brianna’s time would be safer for her young family than in this war zone. Could this push Jamie and Claire’s daughter away from the action and back to her present, which would now be the ’70s? Roger seems to think it’s a good idea, but vows to be wherever Bree is because she is his family.

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Claire’s continued care

Claire remains diligent in her healing role as she is seen treating patients, but has she run into something even she can’t fix? “I need to know what’s causing their illnesses,” she says aloud. Can she find the answers she’s looking for or will disease devastate those around her? “Isn’t this playing God?” a concerned Bree asks.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 7

Where loyalties lie

“I swore an oath to the crown, but I will not stand by and watch my kin killed,” Jamie vows in the trailer. But will his loyalties falter? Bree reminds her parents that the revolution is key to making America what it is in the future. “If we stop this fight now, America will never become America,” she says.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 8

Jamie’s return to the battlefield

After seeing him on the front lines of Culloden, Jamie returns to the battlefield, but this time he’s wearing… a red coat?! The last time he was fighting it was against the British soldiers. While it could be a sign of change for the Fraser, we’re willing to bet there’s more to the uniform than meets the eye.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 9

The big wedding?

Along with clips of Bree and Roger, we’re given a peek at what we assume is their wedding. The sprawling landscape, ornate trellises, and finely-dressed guests suggest a party of some sort, at least, and we know how well Outlander does costumes, so consider us sold.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 10

Still hot and heavy

What would an Outlander trailer be without a tease of Jamie and Claire’s steamier moments? The new preview doesn’t disappoint, revealing various intimate exchanges between the pair.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 11

Standing together at the Fiery Cross

“We cannae say what might befall us, just as you give me your word, I give you mine. Stand by my hand,” Jamie says to his family and followers. Their gathering appears to be part of a scene from Diana Gabaldon’s book The Fiery Cross, which Season 5 explores.

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Scanty clothing

Towards the end of the trailer, some of the characters show major skin — particularly Heughan’s Jamie Fraser and Balfe’s Claire.

Outlander s5 trailer gallery 13

Is that Bonnet?

Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) appeared to have died in Season 4, but recent credits tease his return. So we can’t help but think this quick shot could be of Jamie exacting revenge on the man who terrorized his family and raped his daughter. But it’s so quick and blurry, we can’t confirm that just yet.

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There’s only just about a week until the fifth season of Outlander arrives but, while we wait, the full official trailer has plenty of juicy tidbits to hold us over.

The two-minute preview offers many new details about Season 5, including a peek at the political tension of the American Revolution, as well as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) fight to keep their family safe. Also along for the ride are Bree (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin), who seem to be more acquainted with the 18th-century lifestyle.

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Outlander, Season 5 Premiere, Sunday, February 16, 8/7c, Starz