'Outlander': Claire and Jenny Reunite in New Episode (PHOTOS)

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Outlander - Laura Donnelly, Sam Heughan

Jamie (Sam Heughan) tries to reason with his sister, Jenny (Laura Donnelly), who is known for her stubbornness.

Outlander - Laura Donnelly

The mother and wife is overwhelmed by Claire’s return.

Outlander - Caitriona Balfe, Laura Donnelly

Jenny has been left to care for and maintain the Frasers’ family home and estate called Lallybroch.

Outlander - Sam Heughan

The episode, titled “First Wife,” hints to fans that’s there trouble ahead in Claire and Jamie’s marriage.

Outlander - Sam Heughan

Last time Jamie and Jenny saw each other, he surrendered himself to the Red Coats and was imprisoned for numerous years.

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Claire (Caitriona Balfe) has a lot of explaining to do on Outlander's third season. After 20 years away from her beloved Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), she returned through the stones to 18th-century Scotland. Since being back, she's performed surgery, nearly gotten raped, and watched Jamie's print shop burn to the ground.

Claire has also been telling a few white lies to explain her disappearance for the past two decades. She told Fergus and Ian Murray that she sailed to the American colonies because she thought Jamie had died in Culloden.

'Outlander's Claire and Jamie Bring the Heat as One of TV's Hottest CouplesSee Also

'Outlander's Claire and Jamie Bring the Heat as One of TV's Hottest Couples

'[Jamie and Claire's] emotional and spiritual connection is what keeps them together,' says Balfe.

In Outlander's new episode this Sunday, "First Wife," Jamie and Claire return home to Lallybroch, his family's estate where Claire comes face-to-face with her sister-in-law, Jenny (Laura Donnelly), who is unsure about Claire's return these many years later.

Click through the gallery to check out some sneak peek images from the new episode.

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