‘Supermarket Sweep,’ ‘Emergency Call’ & More Can’t-Miss Unscripted Fall TV

Emergency Call; Supermarket Sweep; The Comedy Store
Fall Preview
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth; ABC; Troy Conrad/Courtesy of SHOWTIME

This fall 2020 television season may not be what viewers expected, but thanks to unscripted TV, there’s still plenty of new content to watch!

Whether you’re interested in a game show reboot like Supermarket Sweep (ABC), seeking a foodie extravaganza like Hulu’s Eater’s Guide to the World, or intrigued by a political docuseries like CNN’s First Ladies, there’s something for every taste premiering soon.

Scroll down to learn about the can’t-miss unscripted fare heading your way this fall!

Emergency Call Luke Wilson
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Emergency Call

Premieres Monday, September 28, 10/9c, ABC

Every emergency is like a ticking clock, and the initial moments before help arrives are critical. This ABC docuseries takes us inside 911 call centers to show the heroes on the other end of the line. According to host Luke Wilson (Old School): “911 call takers don’t just save [lives] — they calm and console people until they are safe.” You’ll find that wait is usually suspenseful, occasionally humorous and always riveting.

Photo Ark Nat Geo Wild
Joel Sartore/National Geographic Photo Ark

Photo Ark

Premieres Saturday, October 17, 10/9c, Nat Geo Wild

National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is on a mission to capture pics of every animal species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. No biggie. This two-part special follows him on that quest into the heart of the Amazon rain forest, through the Colorado Rockies and across the islands of Indonesia. You won’t believe the lengths he’ll go to in order to get the perfect shot of white-tailed hawks, manatees, spitting cobras and other exotic critters!

Maya Rudolph
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Eater's Guide to the World

Premeires Wednesday, November 11, Hulu

If your stomach isn’t growling now, it will be when this series from award-winning foodie site Eater debuts. Maya Rudolph (The Good Place) narrates the seven-episode season, which takes viewers around the globe in search of unexpectedly monumental meals. She gets the lowdown on where the locals chow down in destinations as varied as the Pacific Northwest; Casablanca, Morocco; Tijuana, Mexico; and Costa Rica.

John Wilkes Booth History's Greatest Mysteries
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

History's Greatest Mysteries

Premieres Saturday, November 14, 9/8c, History

Ever wondered what really crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico? Or whether John Wilkes Booth actually faked his own death after assassinating Abraham Lincoln? With Emmy winner Laurence Fishburne (black-ish) narrating, this series delves into these and other historical debates. Evidence never before made public includes an investigator’s 1912 notes on the sinking of the Titanic that detail crew behavior and hint at a possible cover-up.

Supermarket Sweep Leslie Jones
ABC/Peggy Sirota

Supermarket Sweep

Premieres Sunday, October 18, 8/7c, ABC

The shelves are stocked and the carts are ready to roll. Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones hosts the latest revival of Supermarket Sweep. After ending a cable run in 2003, the classic game show returns to ABC, its home from 1965 to 1967, for a brand-new era of shopping shenanigans. As in the old-school version, teams of two answer questions about household items to gain extra time for their epic grocery grab and dash. The team that succeeds in wracking up the biggest bill — it’s about volume and the price tags, people! — wins the chance to race for $100,000. Coupons, shmoupons!

That Animal Rescue Show
Tico Mendoza/CBS

That Animal Rescue Show

Premieres Thursday, October 29, CBS All Access

Get ready to say awww! From executive producer Richard Linklater, the Oscar-nominated writer-director of Boyhood, comes this heartwarming docuseries about humans and animals changing each other’s lives for the better in his hometown of Austin. We’ll meet extraordinary Texans who rehabilitate injured wildlife and care for abandoned pets. And we’ll also learn how friendly goats help patients heal and how steady horses aid disabled children who are learning to walk.

A World of Calm

A World of Calm

Premieres Thursday, October 1, HBO Max

Forget Netflix-and-chill. HBO Max’s new show will probably put you to sleep — but that’s the point! Based on the popular bedtime stories for adults found on the sleep, meditation and relaxation app Calm, A World of Calm enlists A-list actors to read tales meant to soothe your mind. Idris Elba, Nicole Kidman, Keanu Reeves, Oscar Isaac, Mahershala Ali, Lucy Liu, Zoë Kravitz and Cillian Murphy are some of the famous voices lulling you into a state of bliss as serene imagery plays onscreen. Warning: Do
not watch while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Becoming You Apple TV+
Apple TV+

Becoming You

Premieres Friday, November 13, Apple TV+

Growing up isn’t mere child’s play. This documentary series, narrated by Oscar winner Olivia Colman (The Crown), takes us around the world to reveal how kids develop from tiny bundles of joy into walking, talking miniature people. More than 100 little ones — from Nepal, Borneo, Japan and other nations — share the formative experiences of their first five years. It turns out, what happens in the initial 2,000 days can affect the rest of their lives, and the truth of child-rearing “taking a village” is universal.

The comedy story chris rock showtime
Troy Conrad/Courtesy of SHOWTIME

The Comedy Store

Premeires Sunday, October 4, 10/9c, Showtime

David Letterman, Jay Leno, Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Carrey, Martin Lawrence and more legendary laugh-getters explain how this revered Los Angeles venue ignited their careers and influenced the evolution of stand-up. The five-part docuseries, from fellow alum Mike Binder, charts the history of Mitzi Shore’s iconic Sunset Boulevard club—at the center of the scene for nearly half a century now—with both immense love and brutal honesty. (Would you expect anything less from comics?) For true aficionados, there’s also unearthed footage of gut-busting groundbreakers like Richard Pryor, Freddie Prinze and Sam Kinison!

Jacqueline Kennedy
Art Rickerby/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

First Ladies

Premieres Sunday, October 4, 10/9c, CNN

“There are a few first ladies who really are…cultural milestones,” journalist and author Michele Norris says of Michelle Obama in the premiere episode of CNN’s new six-part docuseries. Of course, she could have been talking about any of the women profiled in First Ladies. Narrated by Golden Globe winner Robin Wright (House of Cards), each hourlong installment takes an in-depth look at an iconic presidential wife such as Lady Bird Johnson, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy. From the campaign trail to the White House and beyond, their lives and careers are illuminated through interviews, archival footage and reenactments. One thing in common: They did way more than just redecorate! As Obama herself says, “Get comfortable with a little greatness.”