NBC’s Newest Stars Spill on Their Shows ‘Manifest,’ ‘New Amsterdam’ & More

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Manifest - Pilot
Craig Blankenhorn/NBC/Warner Brothers

Jeers to Manifest for its federal flub. So a commercial flight suddenly reappears five years after vanishing into thin air and the NSA agent in charge simply blurts out that terrifying tidbit to the stunned the passengers seconds after they land? That’s just plane dumb.

Reverie - Season 1
Paul Drinkwater/NBC


How would you describe the show?

This show is like Inception meets Alice in Wonderland, set in virtual reality with a psychological thriller background. But the heart of this show is really about human stories and experiences. — Sarah Shahi

What do you hope fans connect with?

The human aspect. The emotional tug of what goes on in these reveries. These people are living out their fantasies and dreams. — Dennis Haysbert


New Amsterdam

How is this medical drama different from others?

I think the timing. There’s a lot of discussion about your healthcare service right now. We’re pushing the conversation, definitely. As the character, I’m not just pointing fingers. We’re exploring the difficulties in the [health care system], the red tape, and how our hands are tied. — Freema Agyeman

We’re playing doctors who are very frustrated by the fact that they can’t provide the care that they want. And there may be some creative maneuvering, a little circumvention around these situations. — Tyler Labine

Manifest - Pilot
Craig Blankenhorn/NBC/Warner Brothers


This show is being compared to Lost, what do you think about that?

We have the plane going missing and we have the time jump but it’s also about these character’s lives and the choices that they make. It’s about what you would do if you had a second chance. — Josh Dallas

Do you know the big spoilers now or do you like to find out when the script comes?

I don’t want to know anything. When I get the script, I want to discover it along with the character and audience. — Josh Dallas

We’re pretty in the dark. Obviously, we know the pilot, but beyond that, we’re along for the ride as well. — Melissa Roxburgh

Why was the role you picked after Once Upon a Time?

That show’s overall theme was hope and it was about how the choices that you make define the character you are. You’re neither all good nor all bad. This show is also about hope, heart, it’s emotionally rich and it’s unexpected. — Josh Dallas

NBCUniversal Upfront Events - Season 2018
Mike Coppola/NBCUniversal

The Village

How do you define family?

I think it’s people who you can rely on when times are tough. People who are going to put their problems aside to help you and lift you up. — Michaela McManus

Some family you’re born with and some you choose as you start to grow and live your life. The people you can always count on no matter what is going on. — Warren Christie

I Feel Bad - Season Pilot
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

I Feel Bad

How do you hope the audience reacts to your show?

I hope they feel seen and know that we’re all out here just trying to do our best but still making mistakes. — Sarayu Blue

You see people struggling to do their best and coming up short but it’s told in a very funny way. — Paul Adelstein

The show depicts an interracial couple, proud immigrants, and authentic story lines we don’t see enough of. How does it feel to be a part of that?

This is something that us in the South Asian community has been looking for and wanting for a very long time. You get to see the unique quirks but also the relatable of this family. It’s exciting. — Sarayu Blue

It’s wonderful to tell the story of a couple that’s not defined by being an interracial couple. — Paul Adelstein

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The casts of five of the latest, buzzed-about series on NBC — Reverie, Manifest, The Village, New Amsterdam, and I Feel Bad — are all anxiously awaiting the premieres of their respective shows.

Pilots have been filmed, casts established, and storylines developed. All that’s left is for the audience to finally get to watch.

On the 2018 NBC Upfront red carpet on May 14, the stars of these shows gave TV Insider the scoop on filming, pushing boundaries, and why these characters caught their attention. Click through the gallery above to find out what they had to say.

Reverie, Series Premiere, Wednesday, May 30, 10/9c, NBC

Manifest, Fall 2018, NBC

The Village, Fall 2018, NBC

New Amsterdam, Fall 2018, NBC

I Feel Bad, Fall 2018, NBC