See Every Country's Favorite TV Show on Netflix (PHOTOS)

Dan Clarendon

Netflix spent $12 billion on content in 2018, and experts expect the streaming behemoth will shell out another $15 billion this year. Much of that money goes to its own productions, but a lot goes to licensing other shows — and licensing content that it can offer exclusively in other territories.

That’s why, for example, The 100 is the most popular “Netflix original” in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, according to a new analysis by Daily Wireless.

9 Fan-Favorite TV Shows Not Streaming Anywhere (PHOTOS)

9 Fan-Favorite TV Shows Not Streaming Anywhere (PHOTOS)

With countless streaming platforms and more on the way, there's nothing you can’t watch over the web, right? Well, not quite.

In fact, that cult-favorite CW show is the most popular show in 46 countries around the globe… but it’s not the most popular Netflix original series in the world, according to the analysis.

Click through the gallery above to see the 10 series topping the charts, and check out Daily Wireless’ breakdown to discover each country’s fave.