Allison Janney & the ‘Mom’ Cast React to the Funniest Lines of the CBS Comedy

Mom Season 8 Wendy Bonnie Tammy Jill Marjorie
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Mom is known for its quippy dialogue, and with the long-running CBS comedy coming to an end on May 13, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at eight seasons of wisdom and wisecracks.

The series stars Allison Janney, Jaime Pressly, Kristen Johnston, Mimi Kennedy, and Beth Hall as women who came into each other’s lives through AA meetings, and at times, it can get emotional. “[What] I’m most proud of is what we’ve done to put a spotlight on recovery, and how we’ve shown people that it’s possible,” Janney said. “And definitely one of the biggest messages that Mom puts out is that you don’t have to go through anything alone.”

The 'Mom' Cast Reflects on Their Favorite Moments Ahead of Series FinaleSee Also

The 'Mom' Cast Reflects on Their Favorite Moments Ahead of Series Finale

These outrageous moments (the Valentine’s dinner! the Tylenol spitting!) made the long-running CBS series a hit.

But the women also love to share some laughs. Below, the stars reflect on some of those funny moments.

Mom, Series Finale, Thursday, May 13, 9/8c, CBS

Allison Janney Mimi Kennedy Mom Bonnie Marjorie
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“I’m sure [your life] will feel longer with Gary.”

The setup: Marjorie has just told Bonnie she plans to remain with her boyfriend, Gary. “I’m not getting younger…life is short,” she says.

“Bonnie’s relationship with Marjorie is pretty funny. The things she says to her can be outright mean!” —Allison Janney

Will Sasso Jamie Pressly Mom Andy Jill
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“You can do that?”

The setup: Jill is talking to her police officer boyfriend, Andy (Will Sasso), who volunteers that if his drinking makes her uncomfortable, he’ll stop.

“I love that!” —Jaime Pressly

Kristen Johnston William Fichtner Mom Tammy Adam
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“Hold up, let me put my pants on.”

The setup: A harried Tammy has been helping in the kitchen of Adam’s bar, and when he asks her to wait on some tables, it turns out her wardrobe isn’t quite up to code.

“I love the relationship between Tammy and Adam. It’s like a safe crush.” —Kristen Johnston

Mimi Kennedy Mom Marjorie
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“We always look at the mountains ahead of us, and we forget, the mountains behind us were just as hard to climb.”

The setup: Nobody is better than Marjorie at talking the 12-step talk.

“I have learned that sponsors stay in there with people because they’re connected.” —Mimi Kennedy

Beth Hall Mom Wendy

“What happens at Sandals Orlando stays in Sandals Orlando.”

The setup: Wendy returns from a vacation with Bo Derek–style braids from the movie 10.

“Wendy has strengthened up [in the show] and it’s great to show that. She’s come a long way from ‘Weeping Wendy.’” —Beth Hall