7 Things We Want to See in ‘Modern Family’s Final Episodes (PHOTOS)

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Modern Family Final Season Poster
Modern Family Mitch Cam Family Lily Adoption
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Mitch and Cam’s family will grow

The most recent episode revealed that Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch’s (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) profile from their old adoption agency was reactivated and they were selected to adopt. While both agree to tell the agency they are not interested, it is clear from their conversation that they are still mentally toying with the idea of having another kid. By the series finale, we hope that a new member will join the Tucker-Pritchett household (maybe a boy this time)!

Modern Family Mitch Lily Cam
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Cam will get another coaching position

Although Cam lost out on a college football coaching position in Missouri, he could be offered a position elsewhere. Whether in California or out-of-state, this could be a new start for the Tucker-Pritchett family. Cam has worked hard over the past several seasons and deserves to have the position. We hope to see him achieve his goal.

Modern Family Phil Claire Magic Shop

Phil will open his magic shop

Back in season 9, Claire (Julie Bowen) bought Phil (Ty Burrell) a magic shop that was closing down as a present. But not much has been seen or heard of it since then. Hopefully Phil’s dreams of owning a successful magic shop will come true. We can’t wait for the return of ‘The Great Dunphini!’

Ed O'Neill Jeremy Maguire Modern Family Jay Joe
ABC/Raymond Liu

Jay will retire

After ‘retiring’ and handing his business over to Claire, Jay (Ed O’Neill) still never seemed to stop working. Now that his dog bed business isn’t doing great, he may finally settle down and choose to retire for good. With Gloria (Sofía Vergara) working as a realtor alongside Phil, this wouldn’t put too much of a strain on the family. Jay deserves to relax!

Modern Family Thanksgiving
ABC/Tony Rivetti

The family will split up

Throughout Season 11, several characters have brought up the idea of moving out of California. Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Dylan (Reid Ewing) mentioned possibly moving to Paris in the Christmas episode. Alex (Ariel Winter) is going to New York for her job. Claire and Phil could travel the world once their house becomes an empty nest. The end of the series could see the family split up geographically, but they will always stay connected to one another.

Modern Family - Haley Dylan Twins
ABC/Tony Rivetti

Flash-forward to the future

Following a typical trend for sitcom finales, we could get a glimpse into the future and see the family’s lives a few years down the line. While that could include happy moments, such as Haley’s twins all grown-up or one of the kids getting married, it could also include some sad ones, like the eventual death of Stella the dog or another death in the family. While we’d hate to see the latter, we want to see all that the characters will go on to accomplish.

Modern Family Broken Step

The broken step will finally be fixed

The Dunphy’s staircase’s broken step has been a recurring gag throughout the show’s run. As the kids move on with their own lives, Phil and Claire may finally get around to truly repairing the broken step. Or, they could always leave it broken, as a way to remember the kids’ childhood — or because they will never remember to fix it!

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After years of following the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family’s trials and triumphs, it is almost time to say goodbye to the beloved characters of ABC’s long-running sitcom Modern Family.

With only a few episodes left before the April finale, there are several storylines and character arcs that need to be wrapped up. Will Haley move to Paris? Will Cam and Mitch have another baby? Will the broken stair ever be fixed?

Click through the gallery for our wishlist for the comedy’s final episodes.

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