‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Houseguests Revealed (PHOTOS)

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Big Brother - Julie Chen
Big Brother - Jason Dent
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jason Dent (37; turns 38 on 7/12/2017)

Hometown: Humeston, Iowa

Current City: Humeston, Iowa

Occupation: Rodeo Clown

Big Brother - Christmas Abbott
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Christmas Abbott (35)

Hometown: Lynchburg, Va.

Current City: Raleigh, N.C.

Occupation: Fitness Superstar

Big Brother -Kevin Schlehuber
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Kevin Schlehuber (55; turns 56 on 8/7/17)

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Current City: Boston, Mass.

Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

Big Brother - Elena Davies
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Elena Davies (36; turns 37 on 8/19/2017)

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Current City: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Radio Personality

Big Brother - Mark Jansen
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Mark Jansen (26)

Hometown: Grand Island, N.Y.

Current City: Grand Island, N.Y.

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Big Brother - Dominique Cooper
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Dominique Cooper (30; turns 31 on 7/11/2017)

Hometown: Tuskegee, Ala.

Current City: Woodbridge, Va.

Occupation: Government Engineer

Big Brother - Cameron Heard
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Cameron Heard (24; turns 25 on 8/27/2017)

Hometown: North Aurora, Ill.

Current City: Woodridge, Ill.

Occupation: Microbiologist

Big Brother - Megan Lowder
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Megan Lowder (28)

Hometown: Cathedral City, Calif.

Current City: Phoenix, Ariz.

Occupation: Dog Walker

Big Brother - Matthew Clines
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Matthew Clines (33)

Hometown: Arlington, Va.

Current City: Arlington, Va.

Occupation: Renovation Consultant

Big Brother - Jillian Parker
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jillian Parker (24)

Hometown: Celebration, Fla.

Current City: Las Vegas, Nev.

Occupation: Timeshare Sales Rep

Big Brother - Raven Walton
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Raven Walton (23)

Hometown: DeValls Bluff, Ark.

Current City: DeValls Bluff, Ark.

Occupation: Dance Teacher

Big Brother - Cody Nickson
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Cody Nickson (32)

Hometown: Lake Mills, Iowa

Current City: Plano, Texas

Occupation: Construction Sales Rep

Big Brother - Alex Ow
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Alex Ow (28)

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Current City: Camarillo, Calif.

Occupation: Eco-Friendly Marketing Rep

Big Brother - Josh Martinez
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Josh Martinez (23)

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Current City: Homestead, Fla

Occupation: Hair Care Sales

Big Brother - Jessica Graf
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jessica Graf (26)

Hometown: Cranston, R.I.

Current City: Los Angeles

Occupation: VIP Concierge

Big Brother - Ramsess Soto
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Ramsess Soto (21)

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Current City: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Occupation: Cosplay Artist

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A rodeo clown, a VIP concierge and a fitness superstar all walk into a house…

That is not the beginning of a bad joke; instead, it’s the recipe for another exciting season of Big Brother!

On Monday, CBS announced the cast for the 19th installment of the summer reality-competition show that pits 16 houseguests against one another in a quest for $500,000. Oh, and they’re also locked in a “house” together with 87 cameras and 100 microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. The new season kicks off with a two-night premiere on June 28 (8/7c) and continues the following night (9/8c).

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Despite the show’s tagline directing houseguests and viewers to “expect the unexpected,” one constant remains: Julie “The Chenbot” Chen, back as host of the series.

Click through the gallery above to meet the houseguests.

Big Brother, Season Premiere, June 28, 8/7c, CBS