8 Burning Questions We Have for ‘Manifest’ Season 3

Manifest Season 3 Burning Questions
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Manifest, “Icing Conditions.”]

While Manifest has yet to be renewed for a third season, its Season 2 finale ended with quite the cliffhanger.

Most of the episode was spent trying to find Cal (Jack Messina), who’d been kidnapped by meth dealers Jace, Pete, and Kory. But when they did, it was Zeke (Matt Long) who saved him — and then was saved himself.

Then, in the final moments, a fishermen pulled part of the plane out of the water, leading to so many questions about what that could mean.

Scroll through the slides below for what we need to know if the NBC drama returns for third season.

Manifest 828 Found Tail Fin Season 2 Finale

What does that tail fin discovery mean?

As we know, Flight 828 landed five years after it’d taken off in Jamaica. Then the plane exploded. But at the end of the Season 2 finale, men pulled the tail fin of the plane out of the water. How is that possible? And assuming it is actually part of the original plane, what does that mean about who — or what?! — returned at the beginning of the series?

Manifest Zeke Survives Death Date Season 2 Finale
Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

What's next for Zeke after he survived?

Zeke’s hours were numbered when the Season 2 finale began, and he seemingly died after rescuing Cal from beneath a frozen lake. However, then to everyone’s surprise, his frostbite healed and he lived. As we saw, returning changed him; how will surviving what appeared to be an inevitable death affect him? Will he still have Callings?

Manifest 828ers Death Dates Survival
Peter Kramer/NBC

What does Zeke's survival mean for the 828ers?

It appears that following the Callings means surviving the death date. But Zeke also had to pretty much die in order to live. Considering that the 828ers were supposed to die in a plane crash, what might they have to go through in addition to listening to and following the Callings to live?

Manifest Michaela Zeke Married Relationship Death Date
Giovanni Ruffino/NBC

Can Michaela and Zeke's relationship survive his survival?

The two thought they had limited time together; he expected to die the day after their wedding. But now that he’s alive, they (presumably) have the rest of their lives together. Will that change their relationship? With Michaela and Jared back on good terms, is their romantic history firmly in the past?

Manifest Saanvi Kills Major Season 2 Finale
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How will Saanvi cope with killing the Major?

As a doctor, Saanvi is supposed to “do no harm.” But in trying to save a life (Zeke’s), she accidentally killed the Major. (She’d been attempting to force her to give up the cure she was so sure the Major’s people were working on.) Sure, there are the legal ramifications to consider — someone is going to be looking for the Major and into her death if a body is discovered — but how will Saanvi handle her recent actions psychologically? After all, there aren’t many people she can talk to, and we saw what happened last time she went to see a therapist.

Manifest Saanvi Research Cure
Peter Kramer/NBC

Is there a cure?

While following the Callings seems to be an answer, we also saw that Saanvi eliminated the anomaly from herself. However, we don’t know how that will continue to affect her. She thought the Major would have the answer, only to learn that the scientists were trying to weaponize it.

Manifest Jace Pete Kory Disappeared Never Found
Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

What happened to Jace, Pete, and Kory?

The last time they were seen, they were in the frozen lake. However, their bodies were never found, which means they live to continue to be thorns in the Stones’ sides. While Pete hesitated when it came to hurting Cal, Jace did not — and he’s holding a grudge against Michaela. Plus, let’s not forget his conversation with her when she arrested him; he seemed to know more than meets the eye.

Manifest 828 Baby Eden Ben Grace
Peter Kramer/NBC

What does being an 828 baby mean for Eden?

Grace had Callings when she was pregnant with Eden, and she was concerned that the death date would be transferred to the baby. As Eden ages, how else will being the daughter of an 828er affect her?