'MacGyver': Cool Gadgets, Wild Stunts and Plenty of Explosives

Jim Halterman

Disarming ONE lethal bomb? Crafty government operative Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) has been there, done that. Disarming two bombs in two different locations at the same time? Now, that’s a challenge!

In the January 5 episode of the hit CBS action series, MacGyver, Mac’s yet-unseen archnemesis, The Ghost, plants the explosives to bury MacGyver once and for all. While Mac and his partner/BFF Jack (George Eads) try to disable the devices, they flash back to meeting for the first time in Afghanistan during their Army days. (Shocker: They were anything but friendly.) Here, Till pulls the curtain—or make that green screen—back and reveals how the pieces of the high-octane episode come together.

MacGyver, Fridays, 8/7c, CBS