‘Katy Keene’: 9 Takeaways From the First Trailer for the ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff (PHOTOS)

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“My mom was Katherine Keene,” Hale narrates as Katy in the beginning of the trailer. “She was a seamstress, I was named after her.” That statement reveals that the fashion-forward character got her love for clothing from her mother, who is presumably not around anymore. This explains a lot about Katy’s strong work ethic we see teased in the rest of the trailer.

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Within the first few moments of the preview, we learn that Katy has a boyfriend who appears to be extremely supportive of her career. “I love you, but…” Katy says, while embracing K.O. Kelly (Zane Holtz). “Fashion emergency,” he says, finishing her sentence.

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High Stakes

During Katy’s fashion emergency, we get a glimpse at where she works. While the exact details of her fashion-centric job are a little fuzzy, it’s clear by the setting in which she’s working that it’s a cutthroat and high-stakes job.

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We learn that Katy’s ultimate dream is to become a personal shopper. In order to do that, she’ll have to impress her boss, Gloria Grandbilt (Katherine LaNasa), who says, “Prove that you’re the crème de la crème of my girls and the personal shopper position is yours.”

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It’s clear from Katy’s co-worker’s eye-roll that she’s not a fan of the ambitious go-getter. We have yet to learn this girl’s name, but later in the trailer, their professional rivalry is further teased.

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Josie’s Back

Fans may be sad to see Josie (Ashleigh Murray) depart Riverdale, but she’s back onscreen in Katy Keene and just as eager as ever to make it in music. It’s a no-brainer that she and Katy would be best friends, considering their shared ambition.

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Shortly after hitting the Big Apple, Josie meets Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount) who offers her a professional opportunity. “I work for a label and we’re looking for new talent,” he tells her while holding out a business card. But the decision to take the gig could mean more for the former Riverdale character when she learns he’s from a family that’s “right up there with the Rockefellers.”

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Katy’s other roommate Jorge (Johnny Beauchamp) dreams of making it on Broadway, but rejection after rejection has him feeling dejected about the endeavor. That could change when he embraces the more unique parts of himself.

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Friends Forever

This is a story about friendship and chasing your dreams. Josie, Katy, Pepper (Julia Chan) and Jorge/Ginger are powerhouse friends who are going to take TV by storm when Katy Keene premieres on The CW.

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After months of hype, Riverdale‘s spinoff series Katy Keene has unveiled its first footage in a nearly three-minute trailer.

Starring Lucy Hale as the titular character, the strongest Riverdale link comes in the form of crossover character Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), one of Katy’s roommates and friends. Set in a near-future timeline to Riverdale‘s current storyline, this dramedy takes a lighter path than the drama being endured by Archie (KJ Apa) and his gang of sleuthing pals.

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Katy Keene is all about friendship and chasing your dreams in New York City, if the first trailer is any indication. We’re breaking down some of the key moments from the exciting teaser in the gallery above.

Click through the photos for everything we learned about Katy Keene from the first trailer!

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