9 Times Jeffrey Dean Morgan Charmed Us on TV (PHOTOS)

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jeffrey dean morgan

Regular Charmer

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, of the dimples, the twinkle and the irresistibly seductive charm, was just cast as The Walking Dead ubervillain, the merciless killer Negan. The charismatic actor, who’s currently on The Good Wife, will appear at the end of the zombie show’s sixth season and return in the seventh. This isn’t Morgan’s only brush with comic book adaptations. On the big screen, he starred in 2009’s Watchmen, and he’ll play Bruce Wayne’s dad in the upcoming superhero mash-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

On the small screen, he's been a regular TV fixture with quite a few guest cameos under his belt, playing lesser-known roles of an ER firefighter and a priest on The Division to bigger roles as the dying Denny on Grey’s Anatomy and the demon-hunting dad on Supernatural. Here, we take a look back at some of his memorable roles.
The Good Wife - Julianna Margulies and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

As Alicia Florrick’s (Julianna Margulies) new legal , Jason Crouse is a disbarred lawyer who’s as naughty and sexy as his predecessor Kalinda. And this bad boy is certainly turning up the heat for his boss.

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Grey's Anatomy - Katherine Heigl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Grey’s Anatomy

Alive or dead, Denny Duqette was the love of Dr. Isobel Stevens’ (Katherine Heigel) life. Unfortunately, Denny’s ghost lingered so long that he made poor Izzie—and many viewers—pretty crazy.

Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros./Getty Images


Like father, like son. Even though he only appeared in 12 episodes, Morgan’s turn as John Winchester, the demon-hunting daddy of Sam (Jared Padalecki, above) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, made fans sorely want him to stay longer. And as he told TV Insider, “My dreams would be to go back, and Jensen would direct an episode that I could be a part of. That would be a great way to kind of end it for me.”

Weeds, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mary-Louise Parker
Peter Lovino/ © Showtime/ Courtesy: Everett Collection


Judah Botwin was the dead husband to pot dealer Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) in only two flash-back episodes on screen, but Morgan and Parker became an off-screen couple for several years.
EXTANT, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Halle Berry
Cliff Lipson/CBS


In the second season of the Halle Berry sci-fi thriller, the actor portrayed a cynical and sexy-as-hell lawman who fell for the former astronaut. But even Morgan’s charisma couldn’t keep the show on the air.
Magic City - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko
Justina Mintz / Starz! / Everett Collection

Magic City

Set in a steamy 1959 Miami, the series was full of sex, violence, drugs and lots of tropical glamour. Morgan oozed his way into corruption as a hotel boss with a gorgeous young trophy wife (Olga Kurylenko) who gets entangled with a mob boss.

Kelli Garner (as Marilyn Monroe), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as Joe DiMaggio) in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Ben Mark Holzberg/©Lifetime Television/Courtesy Everett Collection

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

In this Lifetime miniseries, Morgan inhabited the role of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. The Yankees player was married to the sex goddess for only 274 days, but he sent roses to her crypt for 20 years.

TEXAS RISING, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Prashant Gupta / © History Channel / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Texas Rising

In a departure from his usual hunky types, JDM played the grizzled and hard-of-hearing Texas Rangers founder Deaf Smith in this Western miniseries about the Lone Star state. “I never looked at people’s eyes during the filming, but I tried to read their lips,” he told TV Guide Magazine.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the 'Carpenter Street' episode of Star Trek Enterprise as Xindi-Reptilian
CBS via Getty Images

Star Trek: Enterprise

Yep, under the rubber face mask, that’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a Xindi-Reptilian in the best of the Star Trek spin-offs.

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